Saturday, December 13, 2014

harpoon leeuwenhoek corrigendum

"Art is a path on which we honour our world." (Robert Genn)

No ISSUES today!
I know, you're quite distraught over this, but pull yourselves together and let me tell you what I did.  First off, tomorrow at 10, on Miami today our show at Biscayne Bay will be featured, and shortly thereafter we have an article coming to the Miami Herald.  I'll send links when they arrive. Then today I drove down to La Boca Grande, otherwise known as the Town Center Mall.  Basically at some point three of four of us said we needed to gt down to Crate and Barrel for one thing or another.  So we made a plan.  Only two of us went, a manageable number when shopping on a Saturday before Christmas.  We spent a long time in C&B, sitting in chairs, trying them out with various cushions, picking out things that went together, we had the furniture department to ourselves.  I didn't buy diddly squat because of my housing situation, but did manage to find a gingerbread man cookie cutter and a house cookie cutter after asking in three places.  

So, this week, possibly Wednesday I'll get to the gingerbread.  I still have to get food coloring and a pastry bag and nozzle, all of which I already have but not here and now.  I'm going to aim for about 2 dozen cookies for the crew, 3 if I have enough ingredients.  Should be fun.  

Jim Benton, one of the world’s greatest cartoonists, has created a series of public service announcements (PSAs) that ‘give back’ (if giving back means being snarky and hilarious). Benton makes sure to remind us to talk to our kids about smoking (and ‘like how pipes are a bit pretentious’), that seat belts save lives (‘one way is by choking bears’), and to fight global warming (by turning on the air conditioner and opening the windows).

 Sushi aficionados may have already viewed the making and tasting of sushi as a precise art form, and they are absolutely right of course, but who’s to say we can’t have a little creative fun while at it? As these super cute pieces show, all you need is to unleash that can-do spirit and there’s no limit to what you can produce with striking effect for a piece of tasty sushi.

Julia Christe, a German photographer and dog lover, wanted to capture her favorite breeds from a unique perspective, so she asked some pet owners if she could shoot their pooches in mid-flight. 
The pups had their pictures taken as they were dropped onto a mattress by their owners. Despite pulling some pretty precious faces, the puppies in the photo shoot are all okay. We're betting some of them even wanted to go again, since dogs are just awesome.

I'm beat.  Long day, and I came home to cook a long overdue meal for our Uncle.  And that means real napkins and extra plates and bowls.  It's all clean up now and I am headed for bed.

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