Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Pepper is being operated on today so I am clutching the phone in my free hand waiting to hear from the vet.  Poor guy, he was acting like I was betraying him as I was signing him in with no breakfast.  UPDATE:  He is outfitted with a bright yellow splint and bandage, is dopey as all get out, and cannot navigate with his new cone on.  I was able to feed him a little dinner and he's stuck his cone over the water bowl for a sip, but mostly he walks around until his cone hits something and then lies down there.

I am thinking I have a few too many irons in the fire lately, too many things on the to-do list and too many things on my mind.  I'm glad we got away for a weekend and I'm trying to catch up on my posts, shopping for the kids, and keeping the house spiffed up in case there are any new showings.  I have to say I don't live in a spiffed-up way.  There are dishes in the sink and the beds may be unmade.  There is a bug carcass in the bathtub I keep forgetting to do away with, and the black granite sink surround was a bad idea from the start.  TY reads newspapers, lots of newspapers, and his idea of organization is to put a book on top of all his piles of papers.  So that's one problem.  Next problem is I want to do something Christmassy even though it isn't my thing-  I celebrate the part of having a holiday to cover up winter.  But there aren't many friends here who don't have big plans-  family coming or leaving town or taking trips.  Then there's the house-  and I am loving watching it go up and change every day, but dealing with the vendors and picking out stuff is getting old.  the vendors lose the spec sheets, they duplicate or get the orders wrong or don't know that something I pick won't work in my situation.  It's crazy-making.  I see the tile lady AGAIN tomorrow to go over it all again.

Today I've locked myself in the studio and I do have to say this is the first day I've been here that the AC hasn't been needed-  it's 40 out this morning and I have a coat with me!  I shut myself in to try to get a project started that I can sink my teeth into, and while whining to a friend she asked me if maybe I am too overextended in too many areas for my head to take on another one right now.  She is a genius.  I am packing up to go home, and on the way will go to the kennel to pick up the tags Pepper lost over the weekend, the drugstore for a prescription, and Office Depot for a new SCAN card to see if that is the camera's problem.  I need to knit.

whine whine whine.  So here is a completely discordant collection of shiny objects that has caught my attention lately:

I think maybe I need some new tail feathers myself.  This birdy is a DIY genius.

I managed to get some pictures of the opening-  without me.
The opening to the Florida show, Piecing Together a Changing Planet, down at the Key Biscayne National Park.  This was a 'borrowed' picture of the party from Maya Schonenberger's Facebook page because I had to leave before anybody got there.  My piece is the second from the right, the albino alligator, 'Call Me Al'.  TY took a picture of me in front of it-  I look like a frowsy haired frump.  We'd walked the boardwalk out over the bay looking for Manatees and I was a victim of wind again.
Here I am with 'Al', and yes, I take terrible pictures:
Wind is my mortal enemy, it apparently removed my eyebrows too.  And I'm sticking to that.

I just ordered a new iPhone case with this quilt on it-  seemed to be there right fit.

New House News, Semi-Daily Report
The front doors will be in this hole.  The caryatids above are not permanent- the one on the ground in the pink hardhat is armed with real power tools, and I'm sure they weigh more than she does.  Note we have window sill forms today.  Screeching right along, the roof trusses are over to the left out of the picture-  I was afraid you couldn't handle all that much excitement in one day.
UPDATE:  this afternoon there were roof trusses being put together like tinker toys in the front yard, but I couldn't get a picture, on the way to pick up the gimpy doggie!

stay tuned, things will eventually get back to normal

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