Monday, December 08, 2014

disruptive montgomery footwear

"It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene." (Brian Eno)

And our trip down to Miami was exactly that, a great change of scene!  Apparently there was a huge protest march arranged last night so we were fortunate to get outta town to miss it.  They marched to I-95 and closed it down for one exit.  That would have sent us into a tailspin if we had been trying to get home on schedule-  sometimes it's worth it to give up searching for fun and get practical.  (and before you write about my lack of involvement in protest marches, I support their right to do so without reservation!)  I was sure sorry to miss the opening of the National Park show though.  
Sadly I also didn't get to see Theo Jansen's amazing walking beasts as we never got near that tent.  Next time I go I'll stay IN Miami and be able to walk to several shows without worrying about a car. 
On our temporary island home, so close yet so far away!  
Where Peacocks have to be shooed off the car roofs.

 Of course that would mean I couldn't get to the Ball and Chain in Little Havana, 
(Natural bird of Little Havana sidewalk environment.  They don't shoo.)

but there has to be a sacrifice somewhere, right?  They made a mean wooden pig bowl of chicarron that TY ordered for me because he knows how much I love them.
 I really wanted a plain old Cuban sandwich but they had a Cuban spring roll-  all the stuff of the sandwich I love rolled into spring roll wrappers and deep fried.  A little went a long way and completely satisfied my Cuban sandwich need!  I liberated a few coasters, one for each of our drinks from them, one of the perks of sitting at the bar.  

So, this morning I am cleaning up messes around the house, took a long doggie walk, and am headed over to the studio to do SOMETHING...ANYthing!  I simply must get my ass in gear and make things...  the knitted hexagons aren't doing it for me any longer, though I still do them at night while watching movies.  I have a few more rows to go before I can declare it  ENOUGH.  Yeah, that's what it looks like to me now.

But let's talk about some art I saw, K?

Lara Schnitger:  born in the Netherlands, now working in LA: Using craft media, Lara Schnitger’s portrayals of cultural stereotypes are constructed as homespun ‘truths’, made more ’endearing’ and identifiable through their beguiling materials. Standing as aggrandised puppets, her figures are abstracted exaggerations confronting preconceptions and prejudices. Lost Hippie lumbers as a lumpy elephant of obsolescence, a virtual caravan of faded patchwork and love-bead nostalgia. An effigy of bygone innocent and idealism, Lost Hippie is met with satirical contempt and suspicion.

Hey folks, go look at our own Pamela Allen's spiffy figure work if you like these!  (And I sure do!)

 Florian Pumhösl’s worn and stained lace cloth splayed out on a black background at Galerie Buccholz.  

For something a bit meatier, something more beautiful, and something less, ummm, 'used' and more gorgeous, go see Susan Lenz's use of old lace. And her perforated 'NEW' lace too.

Offered as a Christmas present on Houzz.  Don't know if it's an entertainment present for the recipient or a soup kitchen for a homeless squirrel.  Everybody wins!

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