Monday, January 26, 2015

cliquer etail cottony

“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” 

TY got out of Boston this morning, just in time to miss the huge storm blowing in, described as 'epic' and 'historical' by the newscaster I watched in Boston last night.  Too bad TY won't get bragging rights to the story but we still hold on the the Blizzard of '78 as our own.  I hope my kids don't have a similar story to talk about for almost 40 years!  He is on route now and I'm making a big pot of soup to feed him tonight, just like we are IN the storm.  Instead we have a doggie running session out on the golf course, a secret dog park where all the dog parents meet and watch for each others dogs to poop so they can 'correct' them.  A mean bunch out there with their wine and cheese served from the back of a golf cart!  Pepper runs like a wildebeest for about 5 minutes and then collapses in a heap exhausted.  Molly is a bit standoffish but is very curious about the other dogs and tries very hard to play-  something she doesn't have a clue how to do.  Within a few more minutes, Pepper decides to go home and the only way he knows is right down the center of the road-  and that would be ME frantically chasing after him.  As he gets more familiar with where he is he picks up speed and makes it home way ahead of me, so far not squashed by oncoming traffic.  A mind of his own, and he likes to be home!  

Anyway, long dog story to say we will eat soup tonight.

Another house showing yesterday.  I got the dogs out ahead of time and headed to the studio where I got a few hours of work in.  Unfortunately when I got home the people were still here poking through my underwear drawers (in my imagination), and I watched them leave from a vantage pint down the street.  They left the house and immediately got in their card=s and were off.  I figured they didn't like it because when most people see a house they like they step back in the driveway and point and chat with each other over one feature or another.  Didn't happen.  I got in the courtyard and discovered I hadn't dumped TY's cigar ashtray and big butt.  People don't LIKE to know anybody smoked a cigar on this street, let alone so close to inside the house! OOPS.  Inside I had put both dog bowls in the sink to wash and stash in the dryer, but forgot in my frenzy to hit the studio.  They were still there, full of water and loose crud.  OOPS again.  

The feedback was that they loved the place, everything about it, 
even the cigar on the patio...  
Show me the money.  

This is what happens when two friends go off together without telling me-  they send me a picture of themselves waving and going any nah nah nah-nah.  So I get even by posting them here.  Kind of looks like they are mimes trying to get out of that invisible box, doesn't it?

Speaking of Mimes, and skills people should forget permanently, when is the last time you were faces with QUILLING?

These astonishing renderings of symmetrically designed carpets are the beginning of a new paper sculpture series by artist Lisa Nilsson who arranges quilled strips of hand-cut mulberry paper at remarkably small scale.

 OK, nice Quilling, eh?  But how about working with something a bit more rigid, like, say... plywood!   Bet you'd have to really hunt out artists whose material of choice is this:

Using the precise cutting head of a CNC machine, artist Michael Anderson carves incredibly beautiful geometric patterns and textures into pieces of plywood. Each pass of the machine reveals the layers of Anderson’s source material, adding contour lines that emphasize the ups and downs of each design.
“I’m interested in using this technology to express art through form, texture and spatial experience,” Anderson says.
His work is a mesmerizing combination of old-school materials and modern technology. To create each carved panel, he uses programed algorithms to direct paths for the machines head, then he cleans up any rough edges with a bit of sanding.

I've got to go, so I'll end this here with a final finale of taxidermy at it's most creative:
(I hope you forgive me the chipmunk, but it's such a special piece...)


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