Thursday, January 01, 2015

collinear lausanne beak

"Style is the way we talk in paint."    Robert Henri 

Just back from the vet where Pepper finally had his bandages removed and stitches taken out.  He did great, but still no off-leashplay for 4-5 days and he has to wear the Cone of Shame until he stops scratching the itch of the healing scabs.  I tried the inflatable on him bet his tongue can re at around it so he is now in the heavy-duty plastic one and crashing into furniture and can't go through doors.  I really hate to leave him in this tonight when we go out but looks like there isn't a choice...  Well there IS a choice and that is that I stay home and doggie-sit, so the 'choice' really isn't one.

I've been spending all my time now on plumbing sites, vessel sinks coming out my ears.  Vanity sinks, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, and those hideous farmhouse sinks-  cannot believe how many options there are.  Have to get things narrowed down and learn prices for when we pick out actual stuff this week.  And I've been collecting pictures for the cabinet guy too but my good printer needs new cartridges and I'm not fond of the prints from the second printer.  In other house-building news, the guys are all up on the second floor, 'plywood ranch', waving at me through the window holes.  This damn place disliking more like a hotel every day, probably more room than we are entitled to by Dubui standards, not even south Florida standards. 

 I took TY to a favorite decorating store yesterday just looking at stuff and WOWZER, there was the chandelier I had been seeking for 2 years now-  with the price tag clearly visible, four figures starting with a '3'.  So, the thrill of that chandelier is knowing it exists even though it will never be mine.  I'm more in the market for a three figure number starting with '3'.  Sigh.  Gees, it was bee-u-tee-ful, all glass balls in different sizes and shades of clear to pale gold and gray.  They gave me a tear sheet I will try to scan just so you too can bask in it's loveliness.
Hey, maybe I'll start a Kickstarter to raise the funds, with my perk for the big spenders being a bath in my new bathtub (still TBD) gazing up at this bubble extravaganza!  Send donation to...  I accept Paypal.  boo hoo hoo.
But actually I cannot dwell too much on that chandelier because TY fell for a large wall installation of giant metal discs and bolted over to the desk and bought it for the living room without question.  This is the guy who wants to know what every 2x4 costs!  Well, when he likes something he likes it-  and fortunately this time I did too.  The great news is that they are keeping it on their wall at the shop until we need it.

On the way to the studio I decided to do a drive-by of the new house, and as I turned down the street I saw this off in the distance-  (look in the center)
 Yup, my crane guys are back, this time with a bigger better cleaner crane!

Workmen taking up the whole street to make room for the crane.  Our neighbors are wondering what the hell...

Meet my second floor!

I could sit and watch this all day long, I love construction but am trying very hard to not bother the guys.  Be happy I didn't post the other 20 pictures

So, I was in Anthropologie the other day and found these way cool branch plastic 'silverware'.  It was very cheap, $8 per FOUR place settings so I got some.  It wasn't until I got home that I realized this is the same stuff I was trying to get rid of a few months ago but mine was brass and always looked awful unless polished right before sitting down, a real pita.  If it wasn't newly polished, it tasted bad!  Problem solved.  And I am all set for a picnic.  (I had given the whole other set to Goodwill, should have included a can of Brasso.)

Medical?  I think not.  

And away I go to the studio for awhile to mess with the round quilt.  Hope some progress happens today and I get things attached, maybe even layered...  

Happy New Year.  Guess I'll sign on for another 365 days just to see what happens, how this story ends!

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