Tuesday, January 13, 2015

downtrodden lase surprise

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. 
And the artist is the only person who is never serious.” Oscar Wilde

No new house pictures, seems like we came to a screeching halt waiting for an inspection.  Supposed to be in tomorrow, then the interior framing gets going.  I can't wait!

So, with that off the plate today, I guess I don't have much to report.  I spent yesterday at the studio cleaning up and getting the sleeve and reinforcements tried out on the lace quilt.  I now have a small sleeve, only about 14" I think, at the very top of the quilt and I
ll install a permanent sleeve midway.  That one I will close the edges on and make a little velcro tab to hold the stick in.  The top sleeve allowed about 3" of quilt to flop forward so I am sewing on a piece of heavy Pellon to keep it stiffer.  This will all work because it will never be folded, only rolled so the sticks will be in their sleeves when it's mailed.  I'll decide if it needs an additional sleeve after I get these two done and a hanging test tried out.  I did get the afghan blocked and it's drying happily overnight so it was a productive day all around.  

I was supposed to have my Comcast appointment between 1-3 yesterday, they called on Sunday to confirm, but The Guy called at 8:30 and asked if he could do it then-  I raced to the studio and met him there, had to take the doggies because the house was being shown, and I had to leash them while The Guy was there-  just far enough apart that they wouldn't get twisted up-  found the perfect spot-  near me so they were happy. 
Yeah, they both need a grooming but my groomer has left the building.

 The new modem is the size of an overnight bag but The Guy actually installed it with straps on my wall.  
We couldn't get it working for a long time, but he then told me to remove the router because this new modem has a router installed inside it.  Well, duh, the thing sprang to life and I am back in business! Finally I can be back to 'Breaking Bad' as I sew!  And I now have TWO Airport routers not in use.  I am thinking I might be able to use one to hook up a wireless printer in the new house-  since I have 3 printers in the studio I am planning on taking the non-archival one to the house when I get an actual office set up.  

I also had to pick up my work at the Lighthouse show yesterday so that's behind me.  In the same shopping center as the gallery is a consignment shop I really like except it's pretty pricey-  I was poking around and came across a big wooden black rabbit that needed a home so he followed me out the door.  Love this thing-  reminds me of Br'er, my house rabbit from all those years ago!  I already have a place picked out for him but the location is currently 'under discussion' with TY.  Whatevah- the rabbit will go where he wants to go and if that happens to be where *I* want him to go, so be it.  

He will go nicely with my other big black wooden animal, but one more will make a collection-  I'll have to keep my eyes open for a third mystery sculpture!

So, with that covered, let's look at some art!

Growing up, Belgian-based designer Florian Pucher was always mystified during plane trips by the beautiful landscapes and farm lands which he saw below. Not only would he seek out the window seat, but he also avoided flying at night to ensure he’d be able to take in the gorgeous sights. He’s translated this passion into his work with a new series he calls Landcarpets. Pucher does extensive research online to locate points of interest for a particular region, before moving on to satellite imaging services to further scope out and get a feel for an area’s colors and topography. His affinity for the craft has gotten to the point that he is able to recognize different countries and regions simply by observing their farm land from above. 

Stuttgart-based designer Wolfram Kampffmeyer creates DIY geometric paper sculpture kits under the name Paperwolf. The designs range from taxidermy trophies to standalone animals that come flat-packed with detailed instructions on how to fold and assemble yourself. See tons of additional designs in his Etsy shop.

Color Coordinated Squirrel Vanquishes Giraffe, when will the violence end?

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