Thursday, January 15, 2015

magisterial kaufman hillmen

“Any fool can be happy. 
It takes a man with real heart to make beauty 
out of the stuff that makes us weep.” Clive Barker, Days of Magic, Nights of War

We were very embroiled in a copyright transgression over on the SAQA list.  Whoa!  Sticky subject, the block that the artist put together was being taught in a quilt shop with a different name, not using the artist's pattern which was readily available.

Why don't *I* ever have to deal with copyright issues?  Simple-  nobody likes my work enough to copy it.  What about the other way around?  Again, simple.  My work is basically not copy-able.  Even when I do design a quilt and it's published with direction, I never see results of people actually making it.  I have work in 3 Rowan books and I've seen just one quilt made from my directions.  Too bad, they were cool quilts, and improvisational, and all made with the amazing Kaffe 'shot cottons', my favorite fabric ever, along with Roberta Horton's small plaids and the totally versatile Kaffe stripes-  I own them all and use at least a bit in everything I make until it's gone.  Then I buy more, because like gesso or PVC archival glue, I cannot let those supplies ever go down.  I can't think without knowing the are waiting for me.

Eye appointment today, then an appointment with the building supervisor to check some of the framing going on.  They were putting up the arches in the main doorways and I love them!  Nice proportions, and wide entrances for dragging stuff in and out.  This morning we had a discussion on where the piano will go.  We have a giant Steinway back in MA that the kids and TY used to play, hasn't touched in years.  Now I hear he wants to drag it down here.  So, while I was in the house today I looked around and decided the only place it would go is the dining room.  Of course that leaves us with no room for the table, so I gave him the choice-  a table and lots of chairs for all the entertaining he wants to do, or a piano lying dormant taking up all that valuable real estate...  Bet he will come up with an answer by they afternoon.

Today I am so beat I only will post a bunch of stuff that has appeared on REgretsy, sticking to textiles and fibers of course.  And today is only wearables, if you dare.  Most are self explanatory, thankfully I don't have any explanation beyond what you see.  
dress and charming pocketed vest- man exercise in short rows.

What we wear by the seashore-  torn fishnets (get it?) and a huge fanny pack in place of a creel.  Flattering.

an adult onesie

matched layette set

a covers-all holiday sweater

white lipstick, and mad-face

decorum, or maybe it's the abs?

and the ever-present whatever the name-  started with C, looks like chipotle

Drat, I didn't finish this yesterday so lost my train of thought.  And today I have to just end it because I am on my way out to meet the stair guy and the cable guy.  Just got back from the lighting place.  Tomorrow I have the bug guy coming here and a few hours free to finish the sleeves on the lace piece before yet another meeting on something with the house-  I have no clue why I have to be there again.
WAIT!  WAIT!  Don't tell me...

Back again and we have half a flight of stairs, and the arches between rooms all built.  I can't tell you how much I love to see all this progress!  

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mary beth frezon said...

and the ever-present whatever the name- started with C, looks like chipotle

ha ha ha! The unpronounceable!

Meanwhile, in lovely downtown Brainard, today we had the meeting of cat and chicken with photos to prove it. (just through the storm door but it was an exciting couple of minutes)