Thursday, January 08, 2015

plenary cyclades psychosis

found on Facebook yesterday, how perfect!

Ring the bells that still can ring 
Forget your perfect offering 
There is a crack in everything 
That's how the light gets in. (Leonard Cohen) *

I scurry to the studio every chance I get, sewing and watching Breaking Bad finally.  It's easy to see my computer screen from my work table, but when the AC switches on I miss the sound a lot, so I am constantly rewinding and re-watching.  I know, I know, I am way behind the schedule on this one but TY didn't like the series so watching it was just not in the cards until I got my own Netflix in the studio.  In this cooler weather at least the AC isn't cycling on and off so much.  Yesterday, after restarting my stopped modem FOUR TIMES I was finally driven to call Comcast to come remedy whatever the problem is.  Last guy I caught back in the corner where the box is watching some show on his laptop.  I don't think his main objective was quite understood!  But this internet problem is getting worser and worser and I need it fixed.  These next few days are really busy so I made an appointment for Monday to sit there waiting.  Trapped.  

I still have lots to do, finish work, on the round quilt.  I finally got all the stitching on the front done and everything is holding up well, no more 'fall-offs' when I carry it to the wall or to the machine.  Yeah, I opted for the machine to sew on the binding.  Sue me.  I'm a bit afraid I cut it a bit narrow so it will be picky sewing it down but that's what happens in this seat-of-your-pants system I always use.  Frankly I cannot imagine making a quilt that has a PLAN ahead of time.  Geesh, once I get the idea, it's all I can do to follow through so I really need lots of wiggle room to change and add as I go.  And now you know why teaching MY way was taxing.  I had no formal, no handouts, just my merry being screeching from the front of the room to *let your intuition free (see quote above) to solve your problems!  See, I saved you $35 and a couple of hours.  and that completes my thought circle today.

Today is the first day of this season's Bocce League.  and it's chilly out so my throwing arm will need to be swaddled.  And I will need to take a thermos of coffee.  And then I race home to fluff pillows and wipe counters for another house showing.  We had one yesterday so the place isn't disgusting yet so that won't be hard.  What IS hard is that we have an appointment to pick out all our plumbing stuff today at the exact time that the house is being shown so we have to TAKE THE DOGS with us to the appointment.  Like we will be able to concentrate on faucet handles and shower heads with the two of them along.  This is TY's (ahem) 'scheduling', not mine.  I am going to try to get them into daycare but this is late notice at the place we use and I am doubting they can accommodate the critters.  

 Jitka Havlickova, a flameworker from the Czech Republic :  Jitka Havlíčková (born 1976 in Prague), draughtswoman, sculptor and since 2002 also designer and maker of glass figurines, eyes and flies. Studied at The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod (1990 - 1994, Department of Design and Handicraft Production of Glass Figurines) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, 1994-2001, The School of Drawing and The School of Conceptual Tendencies. She focuses on the merging of drawing and artifact.  Mostly works on long-run projects and builds on her own stories. Since 1996 she took several long-lasting journeys to Japan and the USA. She lives in Chuchelna and in Prague.  Here is something a bit more typical of lampwork:

And speaking of LAMPS, the other day I showed you my heart-breaker chandelier that priced out at over $3300 which ain't gonna happen, remember?  Well, through some judicious internetting I found a woman who makes very similar chandeliers for a MUCH better price, plus has some customization options.  Yeah-  I can get it in silver and just the size I want.  I am so very excited to find a substitute I like just as well and at less than 1/3rd the price-  exactly what I thought was twice as much as I wanted to spend.  Sigh.  I ordered it fast-  the artist who makes them is having a baby TODAY so I know she isn't gonna care much about my light for a long time!

My lovely Facebook friends keep their eyes open for squirrel pictures for me.  This one came from my old high school friend who is good at finding them-  must be from all those years with his head in the trees!  This one is especially adorable.

And, off to Bocce, plumbing fixtures, and dog companions.  Multi-tasking sucks when you're old.

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