Saturday, January 10, 2015

plenary cyclades psychosis

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever,
impossible to reproduce.”  Karl Lagerfeld

Today in the studio I only had tp restart the modem SIX times.  I didn't get anything done on the computer and I couldn't even listen to the radio.  Boo hoo for me.  The upside of this isolation is I FINISHED the lace quilt!  I still have the sleeve to add but the rest os complete and pressed and bound and photographed and ready!  I just love finishing something-  not necessarily to show it to anybody or get an entry in somewhere, but simply to clean up the studio!  That will be tomorrow.  Then on Monday I can be starting something new while waiting for Comcast to come figure out why I can't stay online.  So, here you go:
Dead Ladies Doilies, 50" across
hand stitched and quilted, all vintage linens, tablecloths, and lace doilies 
with found crocheted embellishments and deconstructed quilt blocks.  

But WAIT!  That's not all!  My giant smothering Mantle of Morpheus  afghan is also FINISHED!  I've been adding a row around the edges all night with small breaks for pizza and only have a few more inches to go.  But here it is:
Any time you drop by I will ask you to help me move it- its about 20#s I bet-  and that's LOTS of leftover yarns.  I still have many yarns left but I am calling a halt to this thing before it becomes an obsession.  Now, where in the world can I put it?  It's too have for Florida, actually too heavy for Massachusetts too!  Maybe someday I'll be up there and the heat will go off...

In other parts of what's happening' now-  I went to the Mancuso show yesterday with Beverly-the-North who is now Beverly-Mid-Atlantic but back for the season.  I always have fun with her but Palm Beach is about half way and it's a haul to get to her or her to me and a limited amount of stuff happens in Palm Beach we are both interested in seeing.  But we try.  Back to the show. There were lots of local Florida quilters work there that I recognized and fun to see it displayed.  I was pretty disappointed by the vendors and I was hoping for a better turnout than in previous shows that were unfortunately scheduled to happen the week after Houston.  I don't go to these things to see body creams or aromatics.  And I already got burned by the iron lady. This time in the high pressure selling I got taken by little plastic reusable heating pads so in-between finishing up stuff today I am also cooking up the spent hot pads to reconstitute them into liquid again.  I got two little ones for the grandkids cold hands in their mittens. 

The thing about this show is I basically can't stand it.  There are some feats of quilting beyond human powers, and many others that are, shall we say, beneath human power.  Most were long arm quilted and I swear every vendor booth had one on display ready to take home. I would love it of course, but have sworn off any more machines I will need to deal with forevermore.  But here's one quilt that made my jaw drop:

Kind of looks like a chenille bedspread in a Navajo hogan, doesn't it? nHold your pinto ponies-  here is the closeup
Do you believe this?  The whole huge thing was made with yo-yos the size of pencil erasers!

One word:   

Debra,  WHY?

I finally decided to order two Otomi spreads for the new guest room beds but had to wait a long time to get two the same color, black.  I was so excited to receive them, love the graphic quality of B&W as well as the abstracted animal forms.
They are both different designs and animals and sets which I like.  What I DON'T LIKE is that the background colors are quite different-  one very yellow and the other a very dirty gray.  Will this drive me crazy far into the future?  Probably.  Will I ever be able to find another one that matches one or the other of these?  Who knows.  I am obsessing again.  Perhaps I will simply introduce yet another background color.  This is for the kids room which I am hoping will have big black polkadots around the beds.  And a B&W striped throw rug.  No sleep allowed with this stuff going on!  

And speaking of that, yesterday we got the roofing paper all installed on the manse:
They are really chugging along, and the temporary stairs will go in next week so I can get up there to the second floor.  And I think they will start interior framing next week too.  Not too pretty yet, but we got great sky!

Must get to bed and rest up for exciting events tomorrow-  sending in an entry, finishing the last side of the afghan, visiting the house, cooking a side of ribs, and picking up the silk strip sweater again I've been neglecting.  I can finish that up this week and be completely clear of mind cluttering for a change.

A little diversion from squirrels-
(Kinda makes me feel queazy)

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