Monday, February 16, 2015

carbonyl managerial martinez

"Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they're yours,"  Richard Bach

Yes, I am still in Boston with another storm under my belt.  Today was glorious and sunny and since it was a holiday there wasn't much traffic but that might have been because it was a whopping THIRTEEN degrees.  And let me tell ya, there isn't enough sunshine on earth to counteract thirteen degrees.  Huge dump trucks were out at every intersection filling up with snow (Auto-Correct said it was 'snot') to haul it off.  Still  o subways working, so there are busses along the line stopping and starting and holding up traffic.  We did do a bit of slopping through snowbanks to visit our favorite shop and grab a lunch.

Then, tonight I visited Mister's family again to see my son after his ski trip, and enjoy the little guy squishing his peas.  Parking was a bitch and I had to drive into a snow bank to get out of the one lane road, got rattled and dropped the glass vase of flowers into the street where it smashed into tiny glass shards and the flowers went scattering under the car, over the road, everywhere!  What a mess to have to deal with when it's soon cold.  Then I had to walk an extra block because there wasn't a cut through the snowbank to the sidewalk.  I never want to leave Florida again.  Ever.

So let's talk a little bit about arty stuff.  

Here's a continuation of the Japanese tee shirts I showed you yesterday.  Like Gerry noted, I wish I had translations for all the Japanese words we see on our tee shirts!  Or worse, tattoos!

Gather 150 street artists from 30 different countries, set them free in a village to let their creative juices flow and what do you get? In the case of the village of Erriadh on the Tunisian island of Djerba, also known as the Island of Dreams, any exterior surface was considered prime target for a mural inspired by the village’s rich heritage. The vibrant street art project, called Djerbahood, was curated by artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance this summer.

Yes.  Be careful out there!

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