Saturday, February 14, 2015

abyssinia cumin janos

I've been gone-girl for quite a while, mostly taken up with the issues of picking things and putting out little imaginary fires for the new house.  An hour doesn't go by that I'm not involved in that somehow.  In addition, here I am in Boston again waiting for the next storm hitting this afternoon last I heard.  It's just unimaginable, some huge front circling around and dumping 14" ever three days!  The city is at a standstill, thankfully it's the weekend and there won't be as many people trying to get it.  And I am getting a little frustrated and housebound not being able to get out and run my circle of things I need to see each time I get here.

Instead I am caring for the cutest kid for the shortest time.  Originally I was giving my kids a ski trip break for the weekend BUT weather intervened an the next big storm is hitting right when they would be returning-  a couple of his trip in a blizzard in the mountains of Vermont could take a whole day to get home so instead I only have Mister for one night and his mom gets a bit of a break.  And believe me, she needs one.  He doesn't know how to walk, he RUNS everywhere, he's the funniest kid ever, and completely charming.  Oh.  I sound like a grandma, don't I?  

So, yesterday while I was waiting for him, the RE agent for the condo came by with her stager.  OMG, she ripped through my place taking stuff off the walls, pulling out nails, replacing things, discarding things, and suggesting I get some GREENERY in here.  One thing I cannot abide is fake greenery...  She says I need ferns and showed me twenty places that needed them.  She took down my giant oil painting of the wrestlers, 'too specific' she said.  Like I was an aging gay guy.  I have a pile of milagras of different body parts all nailed to a piece of wood shaped like a cross-  'too religious', and down came the Russian icons TY loves so much.  But the worst affront is she did NOT approve of my black room.  I can go with getting rid of the red dining room wall, but the black tv room is my favorite room in the house.  And it was just painted last year.  boo hoo

Needless to say things are upside down here, in need of packing boxes and paper.  And much weeding out.  Aaarugh

 k-popstar recently moved to Japan as part of an English program. What she didn’t quite expect was the fashion of the country. Over the past couple of months, k-popstar has been taking photos of clothing in stores-the clothing with random English words on them. How random? more
Precise dwarf bravery, that’s how random. She explains that most higher end stores sell clothing with correct English on them, but when it comes to the bargain shops, it’s pretty much a free-for-all! 

Delicate paper-like porcelain by Doris Bank

more taxidermy, yeah!


Gerrie said...

OMG! Those tshirts brought back memories. Mr C used to travel a lot to Japan in the day and he used to bring the kids tshirts with the craziest sayings!!

Sandy said...

They must have read your blog post titles when they were finding out what to put on them!
Probably our random Asian lettering is equally weird.
Sandy over here.