Monday, February 09, 2015

negligent bonn festive

"The vistas of possibility are only limited by the shortness of life."   Winston Churchill

Whew, today was again a whirlwind of things to do that aren't necessarily fun.  We had 2 snowbound guests last night, remnants of a golf trip of 10 or 12 guys who were down playing  for the week.  TY invited them to stay here and play a few more games so there they were!  I made them a big breakfast and sent them off the morning and their plane was a 7 tonight.  We just got a text that it indeed took off, the ONLY plane to take off for Boston today!  So that was this morning, then I cleaned up and ran the dish and clothes washers but didn't change beds because I was convinced they would be back again tonight.  And I hate changing beds.  I went to the new house to get a few measurements and spent time talking to the electrician and explaining what I want.  He's from Boston so that took a big chunk of our conversation.

The rush was on because we had a showing at 4 PM and I was shooing the guys out so I could clean up and get out of the house to Molly's vet appointment.  We returned and I finally got off to the studio where I was trying to find a big enough piece of fabric to make a lining for a wire laundry basket I grabbed the other day on sale while watching a few more 'Breaking Bad' episodes.  Then back at 3 to finish the pick-up and grab the dogs to disappear. BUT the realtor and clients came a half hour early so we snuck out the garage and drove the streets around here for a bit until I was sure they were finished.  Back home, dogs walked, exhausted.  Dinner was bought at the Farmers Market yesterday and reheated.  These are watermelon radishes, aren't they gorgeous?
I am going to be in bed at 7 tonight, guaranteed.

My grand daughter, Hazel, hugging the street sign today.  Ugh.

Born in Venice, Italy (1969), Dusciana Bravura graduated from Ravenna’s Mosaic Art Institute and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She lives between Ravenna and Venice.  Dusciana started her artistic path collaborating with her father, Marco Bravura, creating Public Art for the cities of Ravenna, Beiruth, Rimini, Forli, Pesaro-Urbino, and Sogliano. Representative of the younger generation of mosaic artists from the Ravenna school, she has exhibited internationally throughout her career.

Unveiled at the end of last month at the MadArt Space in Seattle, Middle Fork is the latest sculptural work by artist John Grade who worked with hundreds of thousands of individual wood pieces to realize an intricate suspended structure.
The process of making this sculpture began 85 feet above the forest floor in a 140-year-old Western Hemlock growing in North Bend, WA. With the help of arborists, John and his team of assistants scaled the living tree to take plaster casts of the trunk and limbs. The molds were then transported back to MadArt’s large-scale studio in the bustling neighborhood of South Lake Union.

Looks like he is paddling with a Hoodsie spoon.

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