Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Hooray and hallelujah, another anniversary today.  1973 was a lifetime ago.
I remembered and wished TY a Happy Anniversary when I woke up, we went our separate ways, and will reconnect tonight for a dinner at Rocco's Tacos.  Nothing like a little mariachi music and a margarita or two to celebrate.  Actually Roccos sends out 1/2 off coupons for the second entree to celebrate, and that is right up TY's alley to save a buck.  And dinner out is dinner out, right?  Pork belly tacos, here I come!

Only 9 and a half years until I can smoke again.

I have a couple of artists who use 'found' surfaces to explore.  The first finds used rusty tin cans in the desert, while the second uses distressed walls found in the urban landscape.  The thread that holds them together is that they don't have to stretch canvasses I guess.  (I put that in to see if anybody is reading this!)  

David Emitt Adams beautifully captures the landscape of the Southwest on the surface of discarded tin cans along with other debris he finds in the desert. Growing up in Yuma, Arizona, he is no stranger to the desert and the objects inhabiting it. Adams explains that deserts, naturally being so barren, are often used as a dumping site for garbage. This is where he finds all of his materials, with some tin cans being up to four decades old. He combines classic and iconic Southwest imagery with the reality of the state of the land today. 

Drab walls become gateways to another dimension as these colourful portals seemingly pop out of nowhere. Street artist 1010 (pronounced as ten-ten) is responsible for these spray-painted portals, creating his illusions since 2009 around Germany, Panama, and the US.   To create his portals, 1010 begins from the centre and painstakingly fills the void with layers of color and depth. His artworks range from something as small as a gallery wall to as big as the side of a five-story building.

This little Beagle is cute, but I think the owner has 
way too much time on his hands.  IMHO

I have to tell you when I grabbed this picture I stuck it right into the 'squirrel file' I maintain so beautifully (!).  Really didn't look at it until I came across it today and noticed the ears.  Would you buy the fact that it's a squirrel with exceptional hearing?  No?  OK, then, it's a tired bunny, deal with it.  Tomorrow we will be back to real squirrels, promise.

did you see those little paws?  Awwwww

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