Monday, March 23, 2015

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"Maintaining self-esteem ought to be your private passion. Protect that fuzzy thing that keeps an artist flying by day and sleeping at night." (Robert Genn)

G'mornin' folks.  Not much to report after a busy weekend of doing pretty much nothing useful except making a huge pot of Bolognese sauce.  There was enough to freeze half and have our Uncle over for the other half.  Let's see-  what else...  Oh yeah, the Ant Wars-- TY bought me two different ant killers, one is a contact spray which I can't use unless I can get them to swarm at me again, and the other is a poison that they walk through, lick off their tiny feets, and die.  When I visited the studio yesterday there was a huge new pile of their debris around my refrigerator but I only chased off two or three ants.  I am quite over being nice and trying to nudge them to a different site-  today it's full-on Gettysburg as soon as I get back.

Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to sew if the munching sound is gone.

In House Biz, I am pretty sure all the electrical wiring is finished, and wallboard has been delivered.  First they have to box in the ceiling soffits and beams and that will be very cool to check on.  The sliders in the kitchen are in, the last of the windows and doors except for the front door and interior doors.  I've taken some measurements to start looking for wallpapers and have a couple on my radar.  I am going to be very careful about where I do my black walls because the house is pretty dark with the huge berm protecting it from sun.

 But I simply have to have some black walls...  probably will use chalkboard paint in kids room on one wall, the rest of the room will be painted white with some minimal geometric black stenciling OR some cool stick-on dots that might even be easier.  No need for curtains anywhere.  The other guest room will be some Anthro wallpaper I bought even before the plans were drawn.
This one is a given so don't tell me how much you hate it.
I picked this one because that stand of birch trees is so overdone, plus it won't work in Florida.  Who wants to see gray palm trees?  This is for the bedroom that overlooks all the tiled roofs for miles-  almost (!!) like being in Firenze!

I'm not sure that it's enough for one wall, so I may have to frame it out to look right.  We'll see.  And then the upstairs is pretty much under control.  The living room is still the thorn in my side-  too tall!  I am thinking maybe to paint the bottom half off-white and the top half a few shades darker to break it up.  Giving up on the black living room wall, you'll be glad to hear.  This is the mural I like for the guest bath, a long, tall and narrow room:
I do love me some messy book shelves!

Or maybe this one:
like a message from the heavens every time you have to pee!

Or this one- imagine it blown up to wall size and surrounding you:
I bet you find this too intense...

I've been taking more pictures to use as sources for some collages-  here's one from a few seasons ago with the rolls of rusty nails and rebar:

think Ill hang this one in the garage.  I've got about thirty of these collages.


With apologies for not showing some great art today.  I am overcome with wallpaper lust.

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