Wednesday, March 11, 2015

conscionable historiography joyce

 “Once he has found his language,
 the artist finds himself free of the drudgery of the avant-garde.”
Faustus Melotti

I've always had luck using FedEx to ship quilts, usually just put the packed quilt in one of my cutoff U-line cylinders all ready to go.  Yesterday I packed the two quilts for the 'Southern Accents' show coming up, got them wrapped and protected nicely and one end taped securely with notes to open the OTHER end on the tape.  i then tried to print off the label and return label in the studio but the damn thing kept stopping because I didn't have an 'apartment number'-  it was going to a gallery!  Then it wouldn't proceed because I didn't have a weight on it.  I even went next door to a shipping office for medical supplies but they unbelievably don't have a scale!  So that's how I ended upon line with my 5' cardboard tube.  I got up to the clerk and she said I should type my label at the kiosk, so I tried and it wouldn't get beyond the box measurements which I entered as 51' long and 8" wide.  It demanded a third dimension.  I got help.  The third dimension again unbelievable, is another direction in the end circle so another 8" in the box.  The kiosk balked again.  I was ready to scream, the gal led me back to their computers and I started yet again on both labels but this time the whole machine balked, the gal directing me pushed some buttons and the whole label disappeared from my account.  

Fourth set of labels were done in ballpoint pen on the carbon copy forms in the front of the place.  Those worked until she asked me what was in the tube because it was more insured than allowed for the standard shipping.  I said 'Art Quilts' since it doesn't go on any forms on the box.  She had to confer with another woman and they cam back proudly announcing it was going under 'Bed Linens'  My pride jumped in and I started talking a bit more loudly than necessary that I want it to be sent as ART.  They looked at their list and came up with 'Blankets', I rejected and held out for 'Fine Art'.  It took me one full hour and seven minutes to get this done with all the waiting in line and waiting for help.  Normally I breeze in and breeze out.  We waled up the cylinders and then discovered we had put the wrong label inside and the damn box was aiming right back to ME.  Thanks god we fixed it and all was well.

The guy behind me was the professional golfer from South Africa sending his clubs on to the next match.  We chatted in between my silent screaming.

After that I tried to drop my watch off for repair but the place was closed.  Then I went to talk to the pool designer for the house.  He works out way too much, but had some pretty fancy pools to show.  TY and I found a combination that works well for our small lot, is bigger than we intended, and will be still simple and utilitarian.  
Then we went back to the lighting place to get frustrated with the offerings for the indirect LED tape lighting we had picked out for major buckos.  We needed to drastically downsize that plan but left the showroom depressed and defeated that we don't have any lottery winnings for the cool stuff we see! 

My dog bite seems a bit better today, seems the infection is going down and the powerful antibiotics that hurt my stomach are working.  Frankly I am beginning to think the rabies treatment is easier.  Only one pill left.

No, I'm not putting in stonework, but this is the company , The Art of Stone, I would use-  their constructions are gorgeous.  Check out their custom work on their site.

Since I haven't covered icky tattoos in a long while, here's a few of them to warm your heart:

Bet their mamas be proud...

I came across an ad for DogTV, television for dogs while you're out of the house, and a 'suggested' YouTube was this-  guess this would be exercise time, eh?

And I'm off to sleep and worry, and sleep, and doze, and worry, eventually to listen to old podcasts and wait for the light.  It's not fun any more.  But hey, at least I'm in the Southern Accents show.

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Deb said...

about shipping fine art...I alway put "curtains" ..who in their right mind would steal curtains. Fine Art gets heisted.