Sunday, March 08, 2015

curio crucible impure

"Love who you are - and who you are not." (Anonymous)

Well folks, I am having cap lock problems so this may revert at any moment back to caps.  Here is my blanket apology for your inconvenience.  I don't know how to fix it.

Had a wonderful time with little Mister while he was here, with my daughter-in-law too, but I don't think we got a whole conversation in for the duration we were so busy chasing the baby around!  He is a charmer, has a fan club wherever he goes.  I know we have an excess of old folks in this state but I'm telling' ya, they come out of the woodwork to make faces at this kid, to give him little trinkets, to squeeze his visible body parts.  ICK!  But he loves the attention and flirts with anybody he sees.  We did have fun.  But now I have an overriding residual issue-  seems like the car seat was permanently installed in my car and I simply cannot 'lift lever to release' like it says!  My big fat swollen dog bite hand won't fit in that slit between the top and bottom seat cushions and I will probably have to sell the car with the seat included!  Or cut the straps!  Damn, I am somewhat mechanical and don't have problems with assembly things but this has me, well, it has me 
not in a good way

Tomorrow I have not a thing to do except hit the studio and get my two pieces packed to ship later this week.  How strange to have a little window of time to myself-  these days I am stretched to the max with all I need to do, maybe I can even, dare I say, it:
(A teeshirt I loved but was way too small now appears framed in my studio.)

And maybe even spend some time mining the inter-tubes for art!  Today I am still cleaning out files.

Photographer James Ostrer documents our obsession with sugar in a series of grotesque real life portraits of people covered in layers of sweets and junk food. Speaking largely on the to the global food production and increasingly dangerous methods of mass production, Ostrer’s photographs conjure tribal images that are both fascinating and repulsive. Via the press release, "This adornment becomes a mask of what we eat which then becomes entwined with a hyper-pop sensibility and an obsequious inquiry into the great volumes of sugar that flow through our bodies."

Brussels-based sculptor Xavier Puente Vilardell turns blocks of wood into twisting, curled objects that look more like scrolls of paper or pieces of fabric than lumber. You can see a bit more of his pine wood sculptures over on Behance and on his website.

I love it when people send me things, even squirrel things like WALLY, here!

Fresh from his sponge bath-

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