Saturday, March 14, 2015

diluent barren empathy

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."   Henry David Thoreau

Studio Day, Yeaaa!  A few weeks ago I bought a rolling hamper made from woven wire, thinking it would be handy for moving laundry from room to room after we move.  I set it into the studio and every time Walked near it I caught my clothes or skin on pokey wires.  So I decided it needed a liner and after all, one thing I do have (besides sense) is lots of fabric.  So I measured out what I needed from a handy map I drew out and I didn't have anything I liked enough that was big enough without a bit of piecing.  I thought about using a quilt-  cutting it to a cross shape and binding the edges, but thought that sounded like as much work as making one new.  

That thought process consumed a week.

I finally did get at it and have spent days quilting it, and today started a binding, not thinking that this 'easy peasy' project has both inner 90 degree angles and utter 90 degree angles, not impossible but certainly a PAIN to execute.  After all, it is a laundry hamper.  So today I started the binding part.  My interest fell to an all time low and I found myself with a vacuum hunting out dead bugs beneath the shelves instead of sewing.  

This afternoon a friend called me over to sit and knit on her porch, a breathtaking view, lovely breezes, and a well behaved and adorable dog at my feet! (Not mine!) Like anybody could say no?  Then, to top it off, a tall glass of limeade.  Heaven, and I started up again on the mitten pattern because I finally saw a picture and understand what I'm supposed to be doing!  So we knit and chatted.  
When I got home TY suggested we go Out To Dinner and we went to Rocco's where I had 3 pork tacos-  all three porks were different:  a pulled pork, a bacon and pork belly combo, and finally a chorica taco.  I was so sad it ended until they brought me the flan.  Did I mention we split a pitcher of Margaritas?  

I go back to the studio in the morning completely focussed on finishing this stoopid  project.  And I am gonna spend some time organizing some work to see if I can enter another show.  I'm not sure I can fit many related pieces into a given size requirement, probably a futile effort but if I really dig maybe there is something in those rolled up logs!   

So, here's some cool stuff to ponder while *I* ponder

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley fills canvases with abstract organic forms made from layer after layer of dripped paint and poured resin. While looking at images of his work online, it’s difficult to grasp the depth and scale of each piece which can be penetrated by light from multiple angles, casting shadows deep into the artwork. Riley works using a number of experimental techniques, frequently incorporating mistakes and unexpected occurrences into the thick paintings that appear almost sculptural in nature.

In the wet and cold countryside of the far north reside hardy people with stories to tell. Ambling across the verdant pastures, clad in the plants of the region, senior citizens model in the wilderness of south and eastern Finland. In our modern, often youth-centered world, the photographs are a beautiful and arresting look at unique and interesting characters in strange circumstances. The project, called Eyes as Big as Plates, started off as a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore, but for Norwegian photographers Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen the series has become something more about, as they put it, “exploring the mental landscape of their neighborly and pragmatic Finns.”

As you may imagine I spend lots of time looking at stuff for the house-  paint chips, floor plans, wall coverings and so on.  Above is my dining room table as I look for *WHICH WHITE*.  Below is an ad I was sent for some wallpaper.  How appropriate, eh?  Wonder if this will happen now that I can leave the windows open!
No, this wallpaper is NOT in the running!

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