Sunday, March 15, 2015

fishmonger betatron fruition

“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” 

This started out as my Pi Day Post but it never got that far.  Happy Day After.  I DID make a chicken pot pie last night with all the vegetables in the refrigerator and it was amazingly good.  We ate the whole thing.

Studio day-  make that a studio hour because I got called away to fetch TY from the tire place where he was having a metal thing extracted and didn't want to WAIT.  By the time I got to the tire place he was finished and on his way.  Sigh.  So I braved the food market to grab my annual corned beef nd all the stuff that goes along for the ride.  So, tonight and tomorrow are preordained as cooking days, and TY's uncle will be coming so it's not another eat-in-front-of-the-tv night.  

But I did get some more binding mileage pressed- it's a long way around this thing!  Instead of making ties I found some B&W twill tape that is printed to look like measuring tape, very cute, and since I am already using B&W toile, B&W plaid, and B&W stripes for the binding, it looks good.  I tried it on the laundry basket and it's kind of too big so I need to trim down the other sides. Thankfully it's for just me so all the trials and tribulations won't show.  Maybe today I can get away.

In house news, they are putting up the black stuff that holds the mesh, getting ready for the stucco. The windows are almost all finished and I pretty much love them-  big paned industrial bronze that are hurricane proof, and already tinted.  Damn hurricane windows are really expensive but it will be worth it.  Most are inoperable but apparently the bathroom and the kitchen have to be and those OF COURSE are the ones I really don't like a bit!  I had envisioned huge windows in both but now I've got 'ordinary'.  In the big scheme it won't matter because both lookout at a neighbors wall which now I won't have to landscape as elaborately I guess.  I haven't been taking pictures because things like the insulation, the wiring, an ripping up the bathroom plumbing and reinstalling it aren't very interesting.

But the windows will be photographed today.  Nobody will be there and it's a gorgeous day.

Now I have to go find a crock pot Corned Beef recipe, none came with the book.  Amazing.

I found these images the other day in my furniture search.  Amazing where Google thinks you want to go, isn't it?

If you ever worry about the microbes living unseen inside your own home, beware: artist Margarita Sampson has beautifully manifested your worst fears — but with good intentions. In a series of soft sculptures currently being exhibited at the Stanley Street Gallery in Sydney, Sampson upholstered found chairs with colonies of organic growth. All of the sprouting nodules and budding orifices are meticulously hand-sewn with brightly colored textile materials, giving the hairy and spiny lifeforms both an endearing and unsettling quality. Inspired by Sampson’s upbringing on Norfolk Island, the coral- and urchin-like growths seem to take on a presence and consciousness of their own; leave them for a few weeks, and they might consume the entire room.

The Container Store ad for it's NUTSHELL.  I need to order mine today!

Not quite a squirrel, but close enough!

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