Saturday, April 25, 2015

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"Keep busy while you're waiting for something to happen,"  Robert Genn

My niece is here for the weekend, taking a break from college for a few home cooked meals, so we went to the turtle hospital yesterday.  I love this facility-  any time there is an injured or sick sea turtle someone finds, they take them in and care for them until they can be released back into the ocean. They have an 'adoption' procedure so you can have a turtle to follow when they are released-  always a big ceremony when they take a guy back to the ocean.  We adopted two a few years ago, one had a racking device attached and was back in Cape Cod Bay in just a few days-  of course he got a tail wind from the Gulf Stream, but still made amazing time.  So much fun to watch their progress. Anyway, Izzy enjoyed it as much as I do.  
Today I think we will go to the Busch rehab center where they rescue animals that are hurt or unable to return to their habitat.  They have six bald eagles in one cage-  amazing to see!  Some were hit by cars, some were shot at, some just got involved in something they shouldn't have.  Now you know where my 'extra' money goes.

I spent yesterday extricating myself from one mess after another-  First I am storing stuff in the studio and I went to drop off a load but accidentally hit a bag from it's precarious perch and it crashed to the ground.  There went the fabulous ceramic lanterns I had found a while back for the outdoor area in the new place.  A thousand pieces,  luckily confined to the original bag so it was an easy rip to the dumpster.  Next I found the wallpaper I've been hoarding so I could match some paint for the rest of the room, took it to the Ben Moore place and found paint colors for two or three other rooms too.  When I got home the wallpaper was missing so I had to retrace my route.

Also lost my keys and spent way too long finding them.  Then lost MYSELF trying to show Izzy the ocean.  Right.  What a neurologic aberration.  I'm surprised I can use sharp tools.

Art for the day theme is stuff looking like other stuff, something I have always loved.  

Carved from a single block of wood, Chris Hedrick crafts everyday items and objects and making them appear soft, limp, stretched and fluid.  His sculptures of tools, clothing, toys and guns are carved at original scale to trick the viewer into thinking they are seeing the natural object as opposed to a carved wood representation of it. Several of his pieces even appear to have textures such as terry cloth, canvas and suede.

California-based glass artists Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma collaborate to make vases that capture the power and intensity of something you wouldn’t expect a vase can even hold: the ocean. By trapping bubbles within the hot glass and adding layers of white foam detail, the duo creates realistic sculptures reflective of the beauty of a crashing wave. Each one will have you do a double take with their perfectly constructed depth, movement, and texture. It’s as if they took actual waves and froze them into vases!
See more of the husband-and-wife team’s captivating sculptures here, or you can give their gallery a visit over at Kela’s in Kapaa, Hawaii.

Today's squirrel is part of an old quilt-  I love how he fills the corner with his bushy tail, and thanks self preservation I didn't get tasked with that appliqué!  Sorry I don't know more about this quilts.

I guess that's it for today, hoping to get back on track with posting.  I'd love to hear from you if you're still with me.  Today I am headed over to the house to grab some more pictures-  the guys have been working hard to get it going, and it is finally starting to look like a house rather than a construction site.  Well, sort of.  Yesterday the roofers were there in 85 degree heat.  I need to make a wheelbarrow full of lemonade for them.  Terrible job!

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Janet W said...

Still with you. Why I find the minutia of someone else's everyday life fascinating I don't know, but I do. Having built two houses, I'm loving following the progress of yours. Love the art you find. And I love the thoughtful comments on the SAQA listserve.