Sunday, April 26, 2015

doubleton aegean decollimate

"Nature is usually wrong," James Whistler

OK, this all came together as I sit here wondering WHY I ate a bowl of grits and all the fixings for breakfast.  I even splurged and had grapefruit juice.  

Got home from the diner du jour and sure enough they want to bring somebody over at 1 to see the house.  UGH-  we have my niece here over the weekend and she is grabbing some rays-  I don't want to mess with her stuff so am hoping she comes home in time to clean up her room a bit before I have to leave and drive around for half an hour.  Today I'll have her ADN the two dogs but it's 93 out already so our 'driving around' will be extremely limited.  She will probably get to go to the studio and sit it out-  at least that would be better for the very furry doggies today.  And, after not having anyone looking for weeks, I don't want a single opportunity to go by because we are in crunch time to get it sold.  Sigh.

Liza sent me a couple of hexagon quilts, well images of..., that she is nutty for and that was followed by several other examples and sites to buy the templates and on and on.  As gorgeous as they all are, I don't have the kind of fabrics needed to build them-  BUT then she sent me a link to Marge Hurst's work and I died...
This kind of stuff I have, this kind of stuff is LANDSCAPE. I just might need to deal with some hexagons in my near future-  the kicker is that Liza says she does the units while watching television.  It's uncanny how much this looks like my Kantha Landscape, as yet unfinished and languishing amidst the un-hemmed pants on my sewing table.  I SO miss doing my work, but I am so completely overtaken by this building project and selling two houses that I am not thinking straight.  The days fly by and my frustration level gets higher and higher not having the 'alone' time I need to work on something I love.

But at least I have the internets where I can steal other people's art.
See below for more info on this

I showed you some of her work the other day but here's more using plastic bottles-  I can't get over how beautiful they are!  Czech artist Veronika Richterov√° creates new life from repurposed plastic PET bottles. For the last decade the artist has used various methods of cutting, heating, and assemblage to build colorfully translucent forms of everything from crocodiles to chandelier light fixtures to plants

The Netherlands-based artist Jennifer Townley finds her inspiration in a fascination with science, with an emphasis on physics, engineering and mathematics. Her artist bio says another famous resident of the Netherlands was also an influence:  Jennifer Townley’s sculptures would look impressive even if they were sitting still – but, each one moves. Her kinetic sculptures are driven by simple electric motors, and through a series of belts, cogs and shafts, they move in ways which are hypnotically complex.

Anf a little house music-  the Roof is On, the ceilings in the outdoor areas are half done, the whole thing is plastered and primer coated, and I am checking swatches on the walls, getting appalled-  WHAT WAS I THINKING- and picking new colors.  The tile is on the shower walls (another thing I am not thrilled with, thought the design would be more subtle) but I will not be taking showers in that room anyway.  This week-  more tile work, some painting, finishing the outdoor ceilings.  We're still looking at the end of August to be in-  a long way ahead.

roof, check.

pet friendly, check.

colors OK, check

wooden ceiling, check

No squirrels live there yet, but I have a bunch of those squirmy worm centipede things that crawl up walls and die.  UGH, they crunch underfoot.
Look this-  Teddy sent me some squirrels to piece.  Won't happen.  EVER.

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Marge Hurst said...

Thanks for talking about me. That Liza, she is such a good fan of mine! And Mary Beth, a great friend and charming guest! Hexies? Yes, there will be more, I have recently taken some trips into the wilderness of the SW Pacific and have many inspirational photos stored away....just need about four extra days each week. I teach this concept as a class and raw beginners come up with smashing results. Again, thanks for the mention.