Wednesday, May 06, 2015

convolute voice woodbury

 "A modern stoic knows that the surest way to discipline passion is to discipline time: decide what you want or ought to do during the day, then always do it at exactly the same moment every day, and passion will give you no trouble."  W. H. Auden in 1958.

I hope you watched the Derby the other day-  I was glued to the set for all four minutes.  I did notice the hats were of department store quality, not the frivolous things from the past.  And I do have to say most weren't coordinated with a special Derby outfit, but with 170 Thousand people there  I suppose the real hats were never near a tv camera.

And guess what I found but forgot to put up the last few days-  a Horse Race Quilt!

Algorithmic quilt fill patterns by Chris Carlson
Concept, design, reverse-applique snipping by Nina Paley
Stitchcoding & binding by Theodore Gray
Stitched by Behemoth
Based on horse photographs by Eadweard Muybridge, 1878

I did see several folks with sticks up in the air to grab photos of the race since they couldn't actually see it themselves, Selfie Sticks have other uses-  they can also be a periscope!  Or, a newer version when you don't want to look pathetic in your selfies and want to show you're with an adoring companion:

pathetic, more pathetic, and most pathetic.

A gorgeous tiger rug?
Nope-  miles and miles of filter cigarettes!

No reason to visit the house today because I went yesterday afternoon and nothing happened from the evening before-  guess I was kinda hoping the elves had visited and finished up the bathrooms- guess the Guys took the weekend off and I should too.  But I finally ordered the rug for the dining room I've been coveting when I found it at a 20% off special just for yesterday.  I hesitated because I don't have room for it except in my burgeoning studio, but the 20% got me.  Then in the confirmation they said it won't come until July-  YEAAA.  Now I have to check the site daily for another sale on the other rug I want!  

I have a couple of pieces of furniture I have to send out for a new paint job, as well as some chairs that are in need of a re-glueing and hammering before some old guy falls backwards on his head,  so I'll do that in June or so, and next I need to find the perfect wallpaper for a couple of rooms-  these things I can do in between supervising my Guys-  hard because I don't speak Spanish except for a few swear words.  More pictures when I see some progress.  

 Meanwhile killing time with my preferred form of gaming

Today I saw an ad for a home hair coloring kit and it listed all the benefits to using their product, among them was GLUTEN-FREE.  wtf?  Are there people out there that are that susceptible to gluten as to not let it touch their heads?  All this time I thought that it would do harm if ingested by someone with celiac disease or a gut intolerance.  But HAIR DYE?  Barnum was right.

Also, in the supermarket the bacon had big letters across it too:  GLUTEN FREE. But the real stretch of my imagination was when I grabbed a big jug of iced tea and sure 'nuff, it too was labeled GLUTEN FREE.  Holy crap, next thing you know they will be labeling the toilet paper too.

It's true.  Send your quarter now.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

Yes! I'd like to alter the course of cultural history, get beautiful lovers and a brief respite from the monsters under the bed. Here's my quarter!