Tuesday, May 05, 2015

hoarse husky guttural

Girl's Night Out tonight-  hope this isn't me a bit later!

Today I am back collecting street art-  I don't know why I keep returning to these things other than that I love them and admire the expertise it takes to execute them.  These couldn't be more different-
In the Outings Project, artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca takes oft-ignored classical paintings and brings them somewhere they’d get the attention they deserve: the city streets. more
The project came to be while de Casabianca was on a tour of the Louvre last year. ‘I saw a young woman in an abandoned painting in the corner, she was bored’, he told Slate. ‘I had a ‘Prince Charming’ impulse: I wanted to free her from the castle to give her a second life’. Since then he’s been encouraging people to take photos of lesser-known works, then print and paste them on decrepit walls.

Since we last learned about NeSpoon last year, the Polish street artist has popped up everywhere with new pieces in Perth, Tunisia, Portugal, and elsewhere. NeSpoon translates traditional lace patterns into large-scale murals or stencils, ceramic installations, and even embroidery. The artworks are part of her ongoing series of “public jewelry” that seeks to turn unadorned spaces and surfaces into something beautiful. You can see more over on Behance.

Haven't checked on the house today, won't have time tonight because I'm getting picked up soon for a night out with the girls-  just hope they don't squeal but most are of a certain non-squealing age so I'm pretty confident it will be OK.
I spent most of the day in the studio trying to get the stitching done on the chant piece.  I'e set it aside for months now and simply have to finish it before I allow myself to stay another thing.  I also finally got the set of quilts sorted out and labeled with their proper numbers.  I've divided up the set and entered them into different shows so needed to figure out what got entered in which show.  Finally!  And I got out the second entry.  Today was expensive-  I paid two memberships in art organizations and two entries, plus I actually paid some bills.  

Just got the word, strong rip tides tonight, so stay out of the water, kids!  

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