Saturday, May 09, 2015

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 "Painting's a funny business," (J.M.W. Turner)

A whole bowl full of bristly squirrels ready to climb your tree.

New theme today: animals.  Always a favorite.
Assembled from hundreds of cutout plants and animals from repurposed textbooks, artist Andrea Mastrovito created a striking installation where a colony of bats clings to the ceiling, a flight butterflies swarm the gallery walls, and all matter of insects, mamammals and plants intermingle across the floor. The sprawling artwork spans the realms of collage, diorama and trompe-l’œil and was inspired in part by H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel The Island of Doctor Moreau. Titled The Island of Dr. Mastrovito and The Island of Dr. Mastrovito II the piece was first installed at Governors Island in New York back in 2010 and again last year in a different configuration at Mudac in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie fuses wild creatures with landscapes in a subtle collection of animal portraiture. Using two different photographic images, he creates a double exposure where woods, water, mountains, and even the Northern Lights are contained within the bodies of beasts. Polar bears, foxes, and wolves are all featured, and their torsos become one with the ground.

Spent the time at the Stitch group working on the kantha piece but didn't make much headway.  I brought it home to work on if I can find enough light on this rainy day.  The Good News is that I got both pieces accepted in the 'Artists of Palm Beach' show which runs all summer here in town.  Most of their shows are south of here in their own gallery, kind of out of reach for the 'drop in' by any of my friends so I am happy!  That makes four acceptances out of four entries and I am thrilled, except that most of the things are unseen older pieces.  I wish I had more current things-  but we'll see how the 'current' 2015 piece is accepted by my peeps in 2 weeks.  Anxious for the gallery talk to see if she stops at my piece to give the gals a chuckle.  Of course I WILL be reporting.

Off to finish cooking the doggie food-  they both seem bored with their former diets so I am trying some cheap hamburger for one who seems to not be able to eat chicken very well, and chicken for the other one who seems to not eat much else!  Gourmet tastes, these guys.  But I'll do anything to avoid them having 'the runs'  like we've been going through.  Molly simply hasn't eaten in three days except for a few spoonfuls of yogurt this morning.  Yet she has to go outside every two hours round the clock.  Fresh rotisserie chicken tonight, her favorite, hopefully also her cure.  Well, that was fun...

On the Tooth News, I feel like I got hit by an errant hockey puck but I am soldiering through with soft stuff and trying not to mess with it with my tongue.

Oh oh.  Time to reveal something else I 'collect'.
I am enthralled with eye cups.  Found this picture today and want them all!

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