Monday, May 11, 2015

forborne sorcery deprecate

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, 
simple, and wrong.” H. L. Mencken

Squirrel fabric sent to me by Facebook pals, there was apparently an opossum fabric too which I most certainly won't feature.

Theme today is faces-  loosely put.
Although we have a huge variety of facial features in this diverse world of plenty, it’s likely you’ve never seen any like these! Digital artist Lee Griggs uses the 3D software Arnold to create facial deformities that are out of this world. In his latest series Deformations, Griggs takes normal faces and shades and lights them in creative ways that he’s not even sure about until he arrives at a finished product. He loves experimenting with the tool and has created some of the most bizarre looking faces you’ll never see in real life.

The figures in Sarah Louise Davey‘s world are haunted, magical, nymph-like creatures who are both hard to look at, and delightful to see. She sculpts double headed woman-beasts who are tortured, but hopeful; disgusting but ethereal; grotesque, but innocent. Her work is a blend of aesthetics and emotions. By presenting us with these gruesome half-human half-monsters, Davey is essentially asking us to evaluate our own aesthetic measures – what do we consider beautiful and why?

Just got back from a day a the studio-  you'd never know I did anything from the amount of work I accomplished-  all hidden jobs like deciding how to mount a piece, printing and adding labels, some paperwork, noting through all my sticks looking for ones that will fit and discovering I don't even have a sleeve on one piece that is needed at the gallery in a few days (thus trying to mount it somehow).  Guess I have to go to the art store down at the airport because my go-to place has closed-  guess I didn't keep them in business enough, but with their prices I woulda thought they didn't need to many other artists shopping!  So I guess it will be stretcher frames on that plus it's companion is a collage already on a stretcher frame.  I think Ive spread myself too thin having multiple pieces in multiple shows.  It will only be worth all this trouble IF something sells.  Fat chance.  

Stopped by the house on the way home today and my laundry room has it's floor, the gray bathroom is grouted, and they were putting the stone up on the shower walls in the master.  Progress is being made, just not a whole lot at once.  I'm thinking (overnight) on changing the bedroom colors, we'll see on that though.  Stay tuned.

A very cool old printed squirrel bookplate

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