Wednesday, May 20, 2015

excise nave awesome

 "Mine is the horny hand of toil." (John Singer Sargent)

Back to Lego today!  

These Lego sculptures were in Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute

A sculpture by Sayeh Sarfaraz titled “D pour Démocratie” (“D for Democracy,” 2015) that is part of Montreal’s annual public art festival Aires Libres, was attacked by vandals. The giant statue, made to resemble a green-cloaked, democracy-spreading Lego superhero, had its right arm violently amputated last week.

SO this morning I was out admiring my favorite orchid that seems to be thriving in spite of my ignoring it, when I heard a scratch scratch at the garage door (deja vu!)
 Yup, the turtle was back, this time trying to break into the garage.  Yup, SAME turtle!  I have no idea how he found his way back to me because I took him a block away to 'rescue' him two days ago.  He likes us.
I left him to discover how futile his scratching is, and a bit later took some trash out for pickup and he was gone.

He had worked his way under the gate to the courtyard coming in, no matter what!

Confronted by the trusty guard dogs, bark bark bark.  He pulled his head in but not for long, he thinks he's home.  He's a very wrong turtle.  His name is Erroneous from now on, I'll call him Error for short.

The end of my pets for life barking at a guy who wants to stay and be #3.  I went and found the lunch cooler again, nudged him in again, took him off to the tulley weeds again, and pushed him out into a nice little glade full of bugs.  I betcha we haven't seen the last of him.

As a parting shot, go read  The Borowitz Report today, all about these nice guys:

That's all for today-  we went to the outlet mall today and I am beat.  We did manage to find a couple of things for the house which are now all piled in my car to take to the studio.  And you know how I feel about that...  The big piece we bought is coming next week in a truck.  Cash delivery.  Hope he carries it in for me- I so hate having to play the Old Lady card but I'm not above it.


my croft said...

your friendly local dept. of natural resources -- or some such nature-related organization-- should be willing and able to help sort out your turtle problem.


Mary Beth said...

turtles follow the same pathways to nesting areas and are not deterred easily. You might be helping him if you place him further along in the same direction he seems to be traveling - extrapolate and see if there's a body of water/marsh ahead