Friday, May 22, 2015

ferric thesis exclamation

 "As the Dalai Lama says, 'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!' " (Yulanda Faris)

Tiebele patterning-  how much do we love this!!!

And a collection of the ugliest babies in history, with thanks to THIS SITE where there are lots more!

I thought we were forgotten by our Real Estate folks, haven't heard a peep since early April, but they called yesterday out of the blue to set up an appointment for today.  That meant I had to get the car-full of crap unloaded at the studio, come back for the dogs, take them to the studio, somehow clean the house and be out of here by 9 AM.  I did it!  Yea me.  The skinny is that the guy loved the house, but alas, his wife will have to come back this summer, if she is able, to OK it.  I cannot believe how many times I've heard that same sad story.  Anyway I was busy making my domestic mess tonight and they called again for an appointment tomorrow.  So I've spent even more time polishing up surfaces, vacuuming up crumbs, and getting rid of the stuff of life.  And of course I have to take my dogs back to the studio until they leave.  Aaarugh.  Once I get into the new house I swear I am never going to pick up so much as a newspaper for months.

So this afternoon I went to buy new ink for my photo printer, the wide body.  I searched and searched, got inks for the non-archival printer, but they had nothing for the 2880.  Apparently it is obsolescent now.  I bought two sets of the dye inks but I really need the pigment inks for the printer I use for fabric.  Have to go look to the source, but I already have $300 invested in inks for the not-favorite printer JUST IN CASE that goes out of favor too.  Drat.
The got me comin' and goin'.

Good thing I got some Moscow Mule cups today, eh? My new favorite drink.  I got the cups and had to send TY out for the mixin's!  He got a huge bag of tiny Key limes, enough for several months of Moscow Mules!   Now he wants more cups so I will go on a hunt of all the Home Goods and TJ's in the area.  

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