Sunday, May 24, 2015

flout ethane prof

 "Careful planning, and brilliant improvisation," (Sergi Eisenstein)

I don't do this frequently, but I have a little tutorial on what I am doing to one of my smaller quilts that's going out to a show this week. They want wires and screw eyes, so rather than fight it, I simply mounted the finished quilt on stretcher bars.  I ordered from Dick Blick and got the medium grade. When it returns I will probably dismantle it from the stretcher frames so I can roll it to store.  But for now:
Here are the stretcher frames and a big bag of clamps, not necessary but they helped some.

After I assembled the stretcher frame into a square, I cut 3" strips of fabric to cover 3 sides of the frame.  I simply glued it on with my bookbinders glue-  great tacky PBA stuff that binds on contact.  I t tried to not get glue at the edges of the frame so I could use that loose part of the fabric to sew.

Here, the frame is laid on the back of the quilt and I clamped it all around to hold it in place while I stitched.  I had considered tacks all around but didn't like the way it looked so resorted to the original plan to sew.

This little quilt (30" square) has unraveled linen all around the edge and that part will stick out beyond the stretcher frame, allowing me to grab stitches every inch or so under the raveled stuff and into the quilt itself

When the sewing was done I installed the screw eyes and the wire and it's all ready to be delivered.  I guess I'm not a fan of mounting quilts like this unless they are small.  It seems to take away their 'quiltiness'. This one is about serial killers, 'The Lost', part of the Twins series-  here it is unmounted:

Young Japanese artist/candy maker Shinri Tezuka keeps a centuries old tradition alive known as amezaiku. This is the art of making lollipops from sugar, water, starch and food coloring. What makes Tezuka unique is how he takes this technique to the next level by creating beautiful creatures which are almost too good to eat.

BREAKING NEWS:  Santa has been unmasked as the fraud he is!

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