Friday, May 29, 2015

onondaga extenuate flourish

I go on working for the same reason that a hen goes on laying eggs.
—H. L. Mencken

These guys top my squirrels, but just for today.  There's  along version on YouTube if you want to see them flopping around to just the English announcers voice-  just search 'screaming fish' for the original version.

These are cosmically auspicious times that can bring you closer to your goals if you're willing to stand up and walk your talk. Words seem to flow off your tongue smoothly when you tell people about your ideas for the future. But idle chatter becomes an endless distraction today, making it especially important to galvanize your thoughts into actions before your momentum fades. Accomplishing nearly anything you set your mind to is possible now if your behavior is aligned with your passion. HORRORS.
Looks likeI should be 'walking my talk' today, better go put on the sneakers and get to the studio where nobody hears me, like a tree falling in the woods or a bear sitting in the forest or ... oh whatever.

Look what I got in the mail today~
The THING is, why on earth do I care about whether somebody is being paid to bury me?  I'm not that nice, don't plan on being buried, and I certainly won't care when the time comes.  

But foist, as they say, graffiti classes for elders!  OMG, I need to do this!

Developed by Coworklisboa in partnership with the Wool - Urban art of Covilha Festival, LATA 65 (lata means “can” in Portuguese), is an urban art workshop that teaches the basics of graffiti to seniors in various neighbourhoods around Lisbon, Portugal. Through the workshop attendees learn a variety of graffiti techniques, working directly with some of the best urban artists, ultimately incorporating their work in murals across the city. The goal of the project is to stimulate creativity in all elders outside of the context of traditional art venues, bridging the gap between generations and banishing ageist stereotypes.

I was reading about mummification of animals in ancient Egypt the other day and the interesting fact that there aren't always animals inside the mummy packages.  They have started X-raying  the bundles and have found some odd things, like this mummified alligator with a series of alligator skulls inside instead of the whole animal.  Don't you wonder where their heads were to do this?  Weird.  There were lots of pictures of lots of different X-rays, focussing on cats which were commonly buried with their owners but this one was the most interesting to me.  Why would an alligator be needed to accompany the dead on the next journey?  I can see a cat, or bundled food, but this???

Day #3 in studio, finished sewing the central part together.  Tomorrow I tackle the third rows with 24 squares.  And I delivered my 2 pieces to the local show, here:

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Jeanne Marklin said...

Those are probably the ugliest fish I've ever seen. It looks like they are coming out of sewage! Further down - I'd love to take a graffiti class. Except I live in such a rural area that there are few concrete examples of graffiti. Thanks for lifting my morning!