Sunday, May 31, 2015

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“I don't mind being burdened with being glamorous and sexual. Beauty and femininity are ageless and can't be contrived, and glamour, although the manufacturers won't like this, cannot be manufactured. Not real glamour; it's based on femininity.” 

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Here you go, bunnies-  Day 4's quilt to date.  I worked most of the day in the studio yesterday and had to do some ripping-  seems when I inlay a stripe in a block the block size changes.  That's what happens when you follow my wing-it system!  Now I am trimming the blocks back to original size after every seam-  and it's a pain.  Good thing I leaned how to RIP using my rotary cutter.  Step #1, Keep Bandaids Handy because the established world rule is that if you have them handy you won't be needing them!

This goes for all sorts of things-  if you keep some saffron in the cupboard you will not have to make paella!  If you keep the house picked up nobody drops in.  If the studio door is left unlocked the UPS guy stops in to chat.  (OK, that's my experience and he was a really nice Latino kid, in his 20's, enthusiastic and complementary and I taught him about encaustics before he sadly said, "I gotta get going...they track me...")  He loved my dumpster chain encaustics.  Yea, Him!

BUT back to Day #4-  FINALLY:
Taken before I finished for the day.  The center 25 blocks are sewn and sashed but I need to start working in units now, I can't manipulate anything bigger.  Next step-  I took those toile lines from the first and second rows and extended them out past row 3 into the next row.  Now I will go back in and extend a line from the third row into the fourth and maybe fifth rows, the idea being that it gets more and more complicated as it moves out from the center.  In my (ahem) 'plan' I had thought 6 rows would do it, but it isn't working out that way.  This is going for king sized and that means 90" in both directions-  the center 25 block section even with sashing is only 36" so far-  Long way to go.Lotsa winging...  

Had a side hit yesterday afternoon when I got an email that they need new shots of my 'Two X Twenty' quilts for the catalog.   Apparently cropped too closely and I didn't save my originals, or I did and since iPhoto went defunct they were lost in the migration which DID NOT go smoothly for me.  So today I have to take all the above blocks off the design wall and retake the photos.  Drat.  My studio is a complete disaster with all the stuff I'm storing for the new house, both big worktables are pushed together right in front of the design wall, OF COURSE.  Who thought I'd need it?  So first step is recharging the real camera, no more Mr. iPhone for serious pictures.  This could take all day.
see what I mean?  Psssst,  wanna buy a quilt?  I need the wall space for taking the new pictures!

Because I have a tiny mind today, uber focussed on just making it to tonight when I can make my meatballs and fall into bed, I will show you some miniatures:

Aren't these beautiful?  Avid glass blower Kiva Ford spends most of his days making complex glass instruments for use in the science lab. After completing a college degree in Scientific Glassblowing, he creates some pretty wild creations. But not only does he do it as a professional job, Ford twists molten glass in his spare time too. As a hobby, he makes other kinds of complicated glass forms – these ones are geared more toward art and commerce. He crafts delicate, miniature versions of bottles, goblets, pendants, domes, vessels, Champagne flutes and vases, all made from glass. Any even though they are tiny in size, they don’t lack imagination or incredible details.

Go check Sansli's Etsy shop for more of these crocheted animals-  the turtle at the top has got me...

Rainy Sunday, the pool nearly overflowed so we went shopping to look for patio furniture.  I took my plastic shoes with me but as soon as we got to the corner, the sun came out.  We did find exactly what we were looking for, but Ty knew of a better place so we left the good stuff at the 20% off Sale and went to the new place where they gave us prices WAY MORE than the other place even before their discount.  I jumped into the transaction and stopped it to go back and get good measurements, so we stopped to pick up the canine companions to run amok in their new neighborhood while we drew furniture in the sand that will be the lanai.  So we went back to the original place with the sale going on and ordered the full bunch o' stuff..  

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