Saturday, May 16, 2015

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You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Coming to you from the Melbourne Hilton where I spent a night awake.  Alright, I finally get a night with no snoring going on, no dogs jumping on and off the bed, feeling fine, and...even though exhausted, could not sleep.  6 AM now, and I am about to make the supplied coffee even though I know I won't like it, then hit the breakfast restaurant downstairs and skip the gallery walk going on this morning.  Sigh.

I arrived yesterday after conning TY into taking the dogs to the Slammer while I finished up cleaning the house for...the house cleaners!  Some things are just not meant to be seen, like the clutter I accumulate in two days of being busy and not paying attention and making spare ribs which uses every pan in the house.  It's about a 2 hour drive up here, no big deal because on the way there is a Restoration Hardware Outlet which naturally was calling me.  I had permission to buy whatever I could fit into Alice Mini Cooper's tiny interior.  That turned into a duvet cover and pillow shams, a couple of cool ceramic bathroom apothecary jars, and knitted suede pillow covers (that might require a teensy bit o' repair~  isn't that always the way/  But at the discount prices and the $25 off every $100 I spend, I couldn't resist.  But I have got to get TY up there for some big items.

But back to the conference-  I arrived in the middle of Sandra Sider's talk on galleries, after all the conference was called 'From Studio to Gallery'.  I slunk in and sat as quietly as possible and did hear most of the talk.  She did a thorough job covering a lot of territory on the different agreements different galleries have, and then took questions.  Then we played a dumb game, like speed dating, before breaking for an hour before the show opening.  I was quite happy with where my piece was hung-  over in a corner with the invitational pieces they had requested to round out the show.  I had a corner with Susan Lenz, Arturo Sandoval, and Jane Burch Cochran-  pretty darn good company.  After two hours, and much food at the gallery, we headed over to a private dining room at the college to eat.  I was alone so took my chances on a table and was lucky in my dining companions-  I got to meet two people I have been in contact with on the inter webs for a long time, and several other jolly folks that made the night fun.  AND I won my choice of the centerpieces, the only problem being that there were only two left to pick from.  I never win a thing, and I hate to say it but my record stands...

Then back to the hotel where I thought I would sew a bit-  brought my pliers with me for pulling the threads through but never opened the bag, fell into bed to flop around all night.  So today I will get home early and go to the studio for a bit before picking up the dogs.

I found this cool website of A German photographer, Matthias Schaller who has sought out these artist palettes as unintentional portraits of artist lives since 2007. Tomorrow, at the Palladian Refectory on the Island of San Giorgio in Venice, Schaller is exhibiting around 20 selections from the over 180 palettes he’s photographed, each printed at over six feet tall to transform the creation byproduct into its own work of art.  Go see more on his website-  OR go to Venice.  Your choice.
Cy Twombly





I would kill for one of these 6' photographs.

and, as proof:

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