Saturday, May 16, 2015

teeing permission cardiovascular

Interest in the changing seasons is a much happier state of mind 
than being hopelessly in love with spring.   George Santayana
So today I blasted home along I-95 and discovered how to use cruise control, I know, not a big deal, but I don't drive long distances in the car, or when I do, it's in traffic so I never even tried to use it.  I made one stop, but other than that raced back home to get the doggies.  They have been blissfully snoozing since they got home-  I think the Slammer barking keeps them busy and alert and they always come home exhausted.  
On the way home I decided that this was my last rodeo.  I think I've gotten beyond, or behind- I don't know- large groups of women.  I guess I am not good at the schmooze, and I know I don't have a friendly face even when I try to.  I really hate navigating these things alone.  Don't get me wrong-  I loved talking to everybody that talked to me, but the whole scene makes me quite uncomfortable being the introvert I am.  If I enter and if I get into next year's show I will visit for the opening and come home that night.  Really, the 2 hour drive isn't a big deal if you don't do anything else but go and return.

Basically what I need to do is get my ass in gear and get some studio work done.  The house is taking more energy that I ever anticipated, so when that's over in the fall I hope to return to my real life.  Meanwhile I'll putter along and do what I can but I am so looking forward to getting back to work.  These smaller shows are fine but I need to fry some bigger fish again. 

Meanwhile it's 8:30 and I am wanting to go to bed!  Guess I'm just old.

I have some flotsam today for ya-  the skin suits of a few famous guys, padded and polyurethaned to turn you into whatever it is you want to be:  Hulk, a Red Guy, or the basic skin suit that can morph into hundreds of muscle-y costumes.
 Flex Design Costumes has created an impressive collection of full-body muscle suits that range from lean to mega-sized muscle tones. If the Hulk-like Mega size is still too small, they also offer custom suits by request for taking anyone’s fake muscles beyond the extreme. The muscle suit are available to purchase, in a full range of colors, from their online store.

Hmmm, kind of reminds me of a giant Ken.

These embroidered car doors by Lithuanian textile artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene who has an enormous body of work involving stitched objects including bowls, irons, lamps and much more.

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