Wednesday, June 03, 2015

alpha clue humorous

It doesn't matter if the water is cold or warm 
if you're going to have to wade through it anyway.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 1881 - 1955

Wonders never cease, another almost whole day at the studio, only interrupted by a short doctor visit and then a Mexican lunch.  Nothing like a few little short rib tacos to get one back to work!  This wasn't in the plan, I had called TY to see if he ate yet so he could join me a the diner I was headed to but he was already on his bar stool at the Mexican place.  Yes!  

So, Day 5 results-  I only worked on this in the morning but I was able to get things fitting again and in a good way, not by ironing to death (I already tried that) or even worse, taking it apart and re-sewing!  The inset diagonals are the culprits, taking up way too much slack.  So, here is the background and most of the outer borders diagonals are just pinned in place, will tackle that tomorrow.

It's fun adding the B&W prints after all that black!

Here's what I got fired up on this weekend.  There's a Girl Scout in NC who was adopted from Russia as a young girl.  She found out about foster kids aging out of the system and decided to have a quilt for each of them to start their new life.  She's been sewing away but the project hit the net and others have joined in, and I decided it would be a good secondary project to do when I don't want to think.  It turned out I had a huge pile of strips already cut to the right size and all different batiks.  So I got started this afternoon sewing them together.  I don't have enough to repeat fabrics except in two squares so I am making it somewhat different from the directions-  all diagonals instead of arranged into concentric blocks.  So, here are the unsewn strips as I started:

 And a series of 6 different blocks ready to sew together.  I should have at least these sewn by tomorrow-  then I have enough fabric for 6 more.  I wish I had more darks but this is all that came in the rolls.  If you're interested in making a few blocks using anything you have on hand, contact me for her address and her Facebook page for her information on sizes, etc.  I didn't buy this fabric myself, it's very UN-Sandy, but the story is below:
Back a few years ago one of the units in my Industrial Park was rented for the season by three or four painters.  One day one of them found me and came in to see what I was up to, I returned the look-see to her studio a few doors down and we got to talking. One of the women wanted me to make a quilt for a friend of hers who was going through chemo.  I told her I don't that, but perhaps she could make one herself with my help.  I have the extra machine and figured I could get her going sewing blocks herself and then help layering it with her.  We went to the local quilt shop, two blocks away and she bought a whole bunch of stuff, mostly these soft colored batiks.  There was yardage as well as these rolls of strips and she asked me to keep it in the studio until she could get to it.  So it sat in the bag for a year because the women gave up their painting space.  I tried to call her but the number on her card wasn't operable.  I left messages for another woman I had met, but no one came back to claim it even though there was over $200 worth of stuff in her bag.

Four years later I figure it's mine by default.  So I am putting it to good use finally.

So, that's it for my work, now let's talk about LEGO.

French photographer Sofiane Samlal, better known as ‘Samsofy’, shows us that everything is indeed awesome when imagination takes over and brings inanimate plastic characters to life. more
In his series ‘Legographie’, Samsofy visualizes the everyday lives of LEGO minifigs as they interact with life-size objects and settings. For instance, a miniature chef requires the use of a wheel barrow to carry a strawberry, while a fisherman goes fishing in a slightly opened can of sardines.

How to make your own Jello Lego set:

First stop, grocery store.

Buy molds HERE

New purchase for my new kitchen-  a table runner printed with oysters!  It will go with my oyster chandelier-  one more oyster thing and it's a THEME!
(I hope the one-more-thing is a half dozen of real ones, 
already shucked, and maybe a lemon!)

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