Tuesday, June 02, 2015

diction chronology zeroes

 "I shut my eyes in order to see," (Paul Gauguin) 

Unbelievably cute shorn Angora bunny!  The perfect pet.  

I really did spend the whole day yesterday in the studio sewing.  I sewed and sewed and stuck sections up on the wall as I completed them.  When I went to mark where the slashes would go, I realized that something was amiss and the blocks were not lining up correctly so I spent lots of time ripping out seams and moving things around.  I know, I wasn't being careful to start with and if one square gets turned around by mistake, it's trouble.  And I sure had trouble.  At the end of the day I was behind where I had left off the day before.  The kick in the pants was also that somehow I forgot to turn the machine off so the light was on for way too long, discovered it this morning when I went in.

This all boils down to simply be distracted in everything I do lately-  I need to slow down and be more intent on what I'm doing, because I am getting way tired of doing stuff twice.  

A trend I've noticed lately is artists who embroider on their photographs like this:
This one in particular os so pretty with the embroidered roses climbing the walls.
 That is, until you get a zoom-in shot and discover the wire mesh covering the facade!

And a closeup of what is really going on!
Isn't this the coolest?  Of course there was no attribution.  I'll find it though 'cause I'm not one of 'those' people.  Besides maybe I'll find more!

Yeah, we're still talking embroidery here, look at this gorgeous beef filet all tied up and ready to sear:

This is the work of Kate Kretz, and you must go see her work on her site.  I cannot believe how realistic her embroidery looks!

I'm off to get my root-canal tooth installed.  Sure hope this part goes better than the first part a few weeks ago.  I've had a mouthful of crown done but this was the worst by far.  Dental woes.

Now here is my idea of a luxury ride-  alligator seats and all!  

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