Tuesday, June 09, 2015

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"A home is not dead, but living, and like all living things must obey the laws of nature by constantly changing." (Carl Larsson, 1910)

And TODAY my home has a bunch of guys putting in the floors!  I asked them if they needed any help and they just stared at me.  The whole crew is wearing matching red tee shirts with the company logo-  they look very spiffy so lets hope the floor looks as good when they are finished!

UPDATE:  Tonight I went to look at the floors and they will look great, Except They Put theWood in an EXTRA ROOM and are now unable to finish the living room.  The floor guy called me just as I was telling TY what happened.  He was very apologetic but to order the additional wood and pay for labor it will cost us Big Money.  Hey, floor guy, the line forms over there!  I asked him if he could pull up the floor in the office and move it to where we did want it but he can't.  
Meanwhile, the floor is more rustic than I remember
and has lots of colors in it so I am pretty happy
with the way it looks so far.  I am busy telling TY how great it will look in his office too and which of our rugs we can put on top of it for his 'full media experience.'  

They also put up crown moulding around our 20' ceiling that we didn't order and do not want.  Crown moulding ain't very contemporary, and they are doing their best to make us another pseudo Spanish revival hours here.
Tomorrow we go to pick out pavers, we'll see how that goes.  TY and I seem to be on opposite poles on most decisions.  Stay tuned.

Another couple of hours extending the lines to the outsides and getting them to line up while inserting them  (ugh!).  Next step is to make two more rows and start slashing them from the outside edges towards the center.  Needs to have more light fabrics worked in again.  This is most decidedly 'seat of your pants' quilting since each additions suggests the next move and direction changes in mid stream.  The problem so far is it's a big sucker, and I have to leave it in sections so I will be able to quilt it.  And boy do I know how much I am dreading that!  It looks like there will be three sections, cut across, and each 5 blocks high.  Then it will probably need another border or two to bring it up to size.  No wonder I turned to art quilts instead of to this bed direction.  
MEANWHILE, heigh ho, heigh ho...
(Aren't you glad you never became a tattoo artist now?)

We’ve all seen those fun fridge magnets that spell out words. Some of us like to spell out hilarious phrases to make family and friends laugh when they visit. Others, like the people running the Depressing Fridge Poems Tumblr page, like to focus on the more melancholic thoughts on life.

Using only mirrors as her material, Iranian artist Shirin Abedinirad is able to give us a glimpse of what it’s like to walk along the clouds. more
In her series ‘Heaven on Earth’, she installs glass panels along a set of stairs, creating the illusion of heaven on earth as the material reflects the sky above. Taken from another perspective, these mirrors also appear to be windows or worm holes to other dimensions.

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