Sunday, June 07, 2015

handset angstrom brandish

An LED squirell nightlight! 

I don't know what has happened to my life lately, I spent another day in the studio uninterrupted.  Unbelievable.  Since last fall I am called every morning with something that must be done stat, and that's how I spend the day- cleaning up details that were untended too long, or things I forgot to do, or appointments I need to keep.  Every day!  Except this past week.  

I already shows you the house progress yesterday, and the pastel batik blocks I made and sent off today, and also I showed the beginings of the black and white quilt I wanted to be SIMPLE, and probably look something like this:
I LOVE THIS QUILT!  Unfortunately I grabbed it off Google images so don't know who made this one, but it's simple simple simple.  I could bang it out in a few days, right?  Well, yeah, except that I have never in my life picked the easy way.  Here is my first day working on it:
I can hear you laughing.  STOP it!
You may be wise enough to see they don't share many traits but color, or lack thereof.  Nope, I cannot  be simple.  And I needed a king size quilt too.  Sigh.  So, day by day it has grown, I have ripped, trimmed, pressed, and recut until today this is what I'm looking at:
This is how I left it today, only 2/3rds of it's target size so I have perhaps 3 more rows to add.  I haven't quite fixed on the slash pattern for the next rows, I'm hoping it lets me in on it's secrets tomorrow.  i DO know it's gotta get more complex in these outer rows, more slashing to come.  The second row in on the top and left side is solid black alligator print and I am going to leave it, then do three times as much slashing on the edges.  I have NO idea how I will layer or quilt this puppy-  need to find somebody.  If you have suggestions, please advise!  My friend with the longarm turned me down flat.  Meanwhile I am leaving it in sections in case I have to do it (bite my tongue.) myself.

How's 'bout some real art?
 Mania ofbusficacion
Senile Dementia

felt cactus don't hurt

neither do painted rock cactus unless you throw 'em

fabulous crocheted cactus

and of course, cupcake cactus!   Where do I order???
Here's a linky-dink.

Since we re mentioning food now, 

Meet Itamar Gilboa, the Israeli born artist, who now lives in the inspirational city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he moved from his home country to study art. His studio is filled with his lifetime work. And what about his latest project? Mr. Gilboa decided to recreate the exact amount of food he ate during the past 365 days.

He concentrated on the top 150 products he really enjoyed. The resin-cast models were duplicated until they reach the right number of each kind of food Gilboa consumed during the year.

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