Sunday, June 14, 2015

phoebe bon hamburg

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” 

More time in the studio yesterday, talk about escaping life!  I would have stayed but had to go home to take dogs out and give them some attention.  Anyway, I got three strips lined up and borders sewn on plus I was procrastinating leaving the studio so got some more slashes planned out.  So, this is where we are today.  You may be wondering at my lack of speed on this project, but I am also doing *other* things while I'm there in between slashes.  I have two more rows to add on all around but today I will sew in the current corner slashes, at least as far as I can go with it.  It's getting difficult to handle with the size.  My words for the day: 
RANDOM IS HARD!  The left brain is unhappy.

I am a glue-stick kind of gal, but yesterday I discovered that my glue-sticks, stashed everywhere in the studio, are all dried up.  So that put me on the hunt to gather them all together like a family, give them a checkup, and put them in ONE place, like maybe the glue drawer!  Talk about senseless errands, but I found most of them and dumped...ALL...of them.   That got me started on the other glues I am harboring so I checked them out and ditched a bunch of those too.  I seem to be quite heavy on Elmer's which I never use-  don't know who is buying it for me...  But I did get one good sized glue drawer safe again to open.  Note to self-  today will be for gluestick shopping!  

Time for your mental health update- if you look like either of these folks, better seek help soon.
 Consecutive (?)Dementia
Simple Myania (?)

A few weeks ago a friend emailed me to send her all the stuff she has growing in her garden.  So I went to pick it but it was barely started.  This week I checked again and stuff is finally looking like it should, certainly not yet full sized but at least identifiable!
lemons (or possibly limes)

Tiny little bananas


and avacados
Not ready yet.  But when they are I am keeping one!  It's been fun checking these things weekly and seeing the growth-  a little rain, a lot of sun and voila, FRUIT!  I hope I have some room for some little trees at the new house, but now that the landscape plan has been turned upside down, I don't know.  


Poison Ivy

Crocheted Comics-  Louise’s Loops is primarily a hat-making company run by 22 year old Louis Mensinger, who happens to be an incredible master of crochet. Although people went to him for hats, the avid comic book fan put his skills to the test, and the results are pretty impressive.

Crochet, you say?  One of my pals sent me this-  upon investigation the artiste didn't have a handy baby so this is displayed on a fake one- one of those supposedly life-like rubbery things.  Not being a fan of 'the baby' I guess the outfit is fitting!
Kinda makes me prickle, because you just know it's made of that stiff acrylic stuff.  COWGIRL UP!   yikes.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

I feel a sudden need to go check all my glue sticks. LOL and if you're wondering where all your quotes went, I stole them all for my quote box **evil laugh** they're all mine, MINE!

I am loving your black slasher in progress. Keep on keeping on.