Friday, June 12, 2015

whereon martyrdom ecliptic

It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” 


Had a bad day yesterday with things going wrong at every turn.  I did, fortunately, get to the studio and was able to add another row around the quilt on the wall.  It's still in three strips and I guess will stay that way until it's quilted-  even though the quilting will have to cross all those borders and then actually meet up over the seams.  I have to say I am NOT good at this sort of thing but got myself into it and it's too late to change horses in this stream!  
  The teensy studio corner I am trying to do this in (before I pressed the edges out)!
He'p me Rhonda!  
He'p, he'p me, Rhonda.
He'p me get it outta my space!

WARNING, major whining ahead, skip over until you get to the Aht Paht!

I made it home in major lightening and thunder just before it started raining-  I swear it was as dark as 9 PM and it was only early afternoon.  I did find out later that there was a tornado hitting Tequesta about that time.  We had an appointment to see some stone for our driveway, the pool deck, and the entries into the house so drove south and got out of the worst of it.  AND we found the stone we wanted-  or rather, the stone HE wanted and I accept with reluctance. But hey, maybe the next compromise will be mine.  
Rocks?  Not really, this is a micro look at salt and pepper.  
Not at all like the rocks we are buying.

Two house emergencies befell us yesterday-  first the floor guys laid the wood in the wrong room and can't pull it up to reuse in the right room.  Now they have to order more wood and it's costing us a fortune.  This is fine with me, I like wood, but it is not fine with TY because it happens to be the room he has had soundproofed so he can watch loud action and war movies, and he thinks the wood floor will nullify the soundproofing.  Nah-  of course I plan on nice thick area rugs to cover most of it.  
Next we found out that there is some stooopid law that the pool has to now be set back a huge amount from the road and that changes the whole yard-  moving the pool that much forward will take up most of the space now. We have to wait for a new plan to be drawn with the pool flipped sideways-  the stooopid law wasn't known by either our HOA design review board who had to accept the plan three different times, the architect or landscape designer, OR our contractor.  Grrrrr.
end of whining, at least temporarily

And so, on to more important things-  Ahhht!  Today I will only show you one bunch of stuff-  I'm back to my fascination with Lego and am amaze at what folks are doing with the little people now.  How 'bout some Rock Stars?

Bruce Lee (is that a thigh master???)

Amy Winehouse


Kiss (as if you couldn't tell)

Kurt Cobain

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