Saturday, June 06, 2015

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Making capitalism out of socialism is like making eggs out of an omelet
—Vadim Bakatin

The Sargent of Squirrel Art

I am beginning to feel like the Jeff Koons of the quilt world-  I am everywhere!   And I appropriate.  
That's about our only similarity.
The other day I got an acceptance to a show that will be at the Fuller Craft Museum up in MA-  yup, another one!  It's sponsored by the MA/RI SAQA group and I entered because of the Fuller, one of my favorite museums ever.  As I was writing down dates to get my piece up there, I realized that I am now in FOUR SAQA shows at once.  'Call me Al' is now at Glacier Nat'l Park on it's two year tour with 'Piecing Together a Changing Planet', 'Dead Ladies Doilies' and 'Tidepools' is happily hanging up at the Ruth Funk Textile Museum in the 'Southern Accents' show, I have yet to send off my two pieces to 'Two X Twenty' (the 2nd and 5th) which debuts in the Netherlands, and yesterday's acceptance at the Fuller is the 4th part of the same series that is going to the Netherlands- 'Tune In, Turn On, Dropcloth'.  Yeah, so it's  run-on sentence.  

Anyway, I am happy as a room without a roof... I also have two pieces at a multi media show here in Jupiter, 'The Art of Association', with a county wide organization I belong to, 'Artists of Palm Beach County'.  All the art organizations get together for a summer show- I think there are 13 or 14 from two counties, so that's A LOT of art!  The opening is June 18th and last year it was so crowded you couldn't get to the wine!  Or the bathroom.  Actually my fabric collage won a prize for 'painting'-  guess they couldn't figure out where to put me.

House Update:  I know it's been awhile but frankly the step of painting the white wallboard with white paint ain't too exciting in a photograph!  It seems like everything that's happening lately is of the same amount of interest.  But finally, something has happened and we're off and running again- they are painting the interior now while the temporary AC chugs away acclimating our wood.  Here's the ceiling:
The sides of the boxes are pale gray, the bottoms of the 'beams' are the white of the living room (also gray, but even paler)  It sort of brings the ceiling down visually since it's way too high.  I had LED lights put in so I don't ever have to change a bulb-  I figure the added cost is still less than hiring someone and their scaffolding to change bulbs!

Here's my new wood floor resting up after it's long trip up from a Palm Beach warehouse.  Actually it's busy getting acclimated and the upside is that now when I walk into the house it's cool-- and I hardly hear the generator going even though my car is smaller!

My lovely, though temporary, front door-  I need a screen over this door because when it's open I get lovely breezes through the whole house.  We have very few openings and fortunately this one is well placed for breezes.

And the entrance to a bedroom with my (again temporary!) air ducts fully inflated and doin' its thing.  Pretty, eh?  Love the silver accents on my black-and-white theme. I don't know how long this step lasts.

You're being short-changed on art today, I've gone too long with my other stuff. But this one makes it for two, at least!  Meet Lea Anderson:

Lea Anderson is an American artist who creates beautiful and “propagating” wall-mounted installations. Exploding and evolving like particles, individually crafted parts (or “pods”) made of soldered tin cans, socks, wire, and flowery digital prints merge into beautifully flowing units, enveloping walls with an ecstatic, quasi-infectious fervor. Inspired by the unstructured nature of memory, thought, and hope, Anderson’s works represent the free-flowing multiplicities that compose our emotional lives.

now, I'm gonna go try to make some!

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Spectacular ceiling! Good choices.