Saturday, July 25, 2015

awesome irredentist sophie

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” 

(Full Disclosure:  Mine holds my sewing machine feet)

Packing is proceeding, about out of boxes again.  I simply can't believe the crap that is emerging from the secret cupboards and closet recesses.  Goodwill is gonna put a stop to my visits.  We did find a junk guy to come take all the leftover stuff-  lots of computer equipment, old paints, and my excess dishes.  Yeah, I am sending away my Spode Christmas plates and cups and mugs and all the associated collection.  I haven't opened the box since we moved here 16 years ago and I gave up Christmas. So yesterday I did open it and removed 12 mugs, a platter and a large bowl.  I've divided it in half and each kid will get some, the rest is dumped.  

Next issue is my mom's ugly crystal-  a set of eight,ten, maybe a dozen (I think) goblets and champagnes and juice glasses that are etched and cut and fluted and just about every other imaginable thing you can do it glass.  I hate this stuff!  I held on to it since she died because I knew she loved it but that's no longer a reason to live with stuff I hate.  SO, it will go to Florida and find a nice home in a consignment store.  I'd do eBay but the shipping would cost as much as it's worth.

Another weird collection is suitcases-  how in hell do we own so many suitcases?  I guess it's just something that you don't throw out unless they are really busted up.  Well, watch me!  

Next issue, I have to go to the Apple genius today because I have picked up a virus that I can't seem to eradicate myself.  I've gotten so weird that I assume that the popup vires ads are more viruses, so I'm afraid to make it worse.  I checked 4 Apple stores around here and only one had an appointment available before Tuesday so I signed on.  A pain to get to and a wasted day I'm sure, but maybe Im being cynical.

Meanwhile check out Victor and Rolf's offerings this season-  They take a 'picture' off the wall and fold and drape it over the models, games and all.  Talk about jumping the shark!  

A runway of living masterpieces was the idea behind the couture “Wearable Art” collection.Viktor & Rolf had models walk around wearing human size canvases for their Fall 2015 couture show. The girls were coming out wearing a denim apron and a framed canvas at first white and then punctuated by paintings inspired by Dutch golden age painter Jan Asselijn. As the show went on, both designers appeared on stage to undress a model out of three, delicately taking off the painting they were wearing as a dress and hanging it on a hook off a wall.  This falls into Weirdness of the Day.

And just as ridiculous-  a skin to cover your new car with so it looks old!  Tell me, why in hell would you not buy a NEW skin to cover an OLD car instead?  I'd love to get a new model look to my aging car every year!  But here you go for this way to reverse snobbery-

With some clever coloring and detailing, they have made their 2014 Volkswagen T5 Sportline look like a rusty old van that shouldn’t be fit to drive around the city. Big rust stains drip down from the handles, the side panels look like they are disintegrating in front of your eyes, and the wing mirrors look like they have seen better days. Of course the actual body of the car is fine – the tires, the lights, and the windows all seem brand new and dent free.  Nope, THIS falls into Weirdness of the Day-  take your pick.

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yarngoddess said...

I dated a guitar player back in the day who drove an awesome truck. At least it was awesome on the road. Parked it was a disgusting rust bucket - but lift the hood and the angels sang. He was afraid someone would steal it if he got a nice paint job.