Friday, July 24, 2015

absurd come deforest

Look three times, think twice, paint once."   ROBERT GENN

I am soon tired from all this sorting and packing.  The living room has all the stuff of life that is moving to a new condo someday (sigh).  The dining room has all the stuff going to Florida, and other rooms are misc-mashes of both that needs sorting.  TY took a couple of bags of books to the library for them to sell, and one fell out of the bag when it broke-  he had a fit, told me the book was worth $600, so the damn thing is again back in the boxes to more.  Other books that were my grandfathers and given to my mother in 1952 BUT they are written in my said grandfather with a kid's stick drawing, and are in  deplorable condition.  It comes with his typewritten letter to my mom about how valuable they are.  SO, I am packing them to go to the studio as cutters for collage.  I do very much like the kid's drawing in the front from the 1880s, will scan that out and use it as 'family art'!  OK, so that's three books out of a wall full and this is how things are going here-  he is contemplating every volume, sits down and goes through it one at a time.  Believe me when I tell you that there are NO $20 bills stuffed in those pages.  So, he hasn't finished his one wall in one room yet. I've done all the kitchen cabinets, vacuumed and wiped them down,  my big walk-in closet is completely clear but for some pants and a blouse to wear to an engagement party this weekend.  His closet untouched.  Bathroom cupboards and linen closet, clear and wiped down.  Towels packed, old cosmetics thrown out and all the cough syrups that had turned to goo from 15 years of colds are tossed out.  New colds=new medicine!
Today's HORRORscope:  Emotional interactions on the home front could lead to a messy conflict that hijacks your weekend. Luckily, your current annoyance won't necessarily trigger a major confrontation if you're willing to utilize flexibility in your interactions with a close friend or relative. Reduce the pressure now by dragging the feelings that lurk beneath the surface out into the light. Even if a heart-to-heart conversation feels uncomfortable at first, being honest resolves the tension before things get out of hand. If you toss water on the embers today, you won't have any fires to put out tomorrow.
Today I will send him out for new boxes and a Goodwill run-  he also takes trash down to the trash room regularly.  The rest I am doing,  and I am exhausted and sore and short of temper.  I gotta toss water on my own embers today, and pace myself so I can make it a few more days.  

Today is the fortieth birthday of my first kid, a day that changed my life forever. I can barely comprehend forty years ago, it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever.  We had a party last night for her, for our daughter in law, and for our niece who turns thirty on Saturday, quite a bunch of clustered birthdays, plus there are three more before August ends.

OK, enough of that stuff, let's talk art!  Odd things today only related because they are both simply color studies...

What if all our food was served sushi style? Would it be more appetizing? And would we eat less if everything was the same size? The artist/design team of Lernert and Sander asks that question and ponders the aesthetic of making food dimensionally equal. In an ambitious project they took dozens of food items and cut them into uniform cubes then photographed the results. The final result is an array of colors which resembles a very large tray of sushi. 

The view looking out of a window is often one filled with daydreaming and contemplation. Artist Jim Darling creates abstracted images inspired by the view of looking out of an airplane window. His brilliant, wispy use of color and impressionistic style perfectly breaks down the fleeting shapes and colors seen through the perspective from an airplane. His thick, impasto style depicts the aerial views just as they are seen in real life, swift and in motion. The abstract scenes seem to rush in and out of your view as you get a glimpse of the many wonderful colors lighting up the sky at different types of day.
Created from acrylic paint, aerosol, and woodwork, the artist constructs the frame of each piece to appear just like the window in an airplane would, with the window shade and all.

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