Thursday, July 09, 2015

chrome preliminary adjudge

"Three essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, 
something to love and something to hope for." (Joseph Addison) 

Chinese Squirrel acrobatics.  Thanks MB's mom!

Gee, I woke up feeling fine this morning-  had a good day yesterday and went to bed early.  This morning I made the dog's breakfast and a pan of eggs for myself as I checked my email.  Then I came to THIS:
 Next email was HYPOALLERGENIC with this paragraph about a guy looking for dead bodies to use in his art.  He claims he only wants to dance with the body but I guess some people are imaging nefarious activities.  Wonder if I can trust an Icelandic guy named Snorri.
“Looking for dead bodies in the name of the art,” Ásmundsson wrote. “I need a corpse for a video installation. If you are dying I would like to borrow your remains after you die. The body will be returned to the undertaker in the ‘same’ condition. Sincerely Snorri Ásmundsson.”
Now, you KNOW that things come in threes, right?  While I was eating my eggs, the phone buzzed with a message from my GYN, from last night  I was scared to listen to it, but it was simply that my mammogram was clear.  The thing is, I had the mammogram in April!  Thankfully the radiologist had called me the next day to say things were fine but geese, if there was something going on, I would be dead by now and headed for Iceland!  I know, I've always wanted to go BUT I wanted to go alive and kicking'.

So, here it is not even 8 AM and I've had a few too many wake-up calls!  Let the day commence so we can see what new fresh hell will develop!

The succulent pillows arrived yesterday and I love them!  Also, the long lost wallpaper samples came and I love them all too-  I ordered 3 samples for 2 different spaces but now am trying to figure out where to put the third one because I can't decide between them.  Also, TY sent me the cover from the daybed up in MA so I can make sure it goes with the rug sample I've got on my dining room table.  Three boxes all at once, yea.  I love presents!  And finally the furniture guy arrived to take my chairs and tables out to strip and glue and paint for me.  The cost was enough I could just buy new stuff but better I jazz up what I have and use it again.  He did balk when I said 'silver' for the paint, so he will make some samples to pick from-  6-8 weeks.  Sigh.

My next door neighbor stopped by to tell me he has somebody who wants to rent this house.  Told him we already have three rental offers but we are in this to sell, not to become landlords.  Yeah, four renters, no buyers yet.  We are hoping that when the season opens there will be some action.  Then he showed me his pictures of the woodpecker family that took up residence in the birdhouse outside my window:

 The babies are gone now, and the parents are cleaning house!

Today, in the Art Department, we're gonna deal with fashion, 
MEN's---Manly Men's...

Discuss Amongst Yourselves.  I do have to say I love the fabrics, howevah...

And next, Women's Shoes-  a favorite subject of mine-

When it comes to fashion, the most groundbreaking and expressive creations aren’t always the most objectively practical. Kermit Tesoro is a designer known for his bizarre high heels, such as one with a backward-arching platform and a skull impaled on the heel. Tesoro’s work caught the attention of Lady Gaga, who commissioned Tesoro to create the iconic (and seemingly gravity-defying) heel-less heels. In addition to covering them with sequins and black “slime,” Tesoro has designed shoes in the likeness of horse hooves and, more recently, a set of writhing tentacles.

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