Sunday, July 12, 2015

resident wheller paulsen

Content is a glimpse. -- Willem De Kooning

From one of my FB pals-  would you let your kid pick a SQUIRREL to ride?

I've been neglecting you, Muse, sorry.  I have managed to get a lot done, but blogging isn't one of the things I've been spending time on!  I've been in the studio as often as I can be, and the good thing was I was forced into waiting for a delivery yesterday so got the borders all sewn up, and one section of the three on.  That section had more slashes too so a good bit of work.  Here is before I slashed or sewed on:   It's grown beyond my 8' wall now so no more long shots,any more images will be flat on a table, not optimum I know.  But who knows, maybe some day I will find a wall big enough for a snapshot.  For now this is all you will get.

With the arrival of the Crate and Barrel stuff, I had to disassemble on of my 4x8 worktables yesterday so that was hard, I was thinking of trying to layer the Big Slasher over two tables together but now I only have one left and will have to clear it to start one of these days.  It's getting quite hard trove around any more, and I might just have to shut down all operations until I get in the house once and for all.

Speaking of that, the doors and baseboards are all painted and the cabinet guy left evidence that he's been installing vanities in 2 bathrooms-  yea.  That forced me into a quick choice of cabinet hardware that I've been waffling over for weeks now.  I've visited every local place, gone online hunting, and finally found a good assortment of stuff on an etsy site where they have all sorts of natural rock things made into knobs and handles.  So I sent off the order yesterday, amended it today because I needed two more pulls in one bath, and hopefully it will get here soonish.  My outdoor lights arrived and are now living in the guest room here-  no room to take to the studio any more-  6 big boxes.  The dining room chandelier is in my garage and I can't open it to check because the box is full of peanuts.   Things are coming together, I so hate to leave for 2 weeks to go deal with the MA condo clean-out!  Dread!

Oh yes, my late hours watching 'Damages' full 5 seasons resulted in a finished shawl, the last thing on earth I need!  It was all made from leftover yarns and is about twice the size I anticipated.  When it's all wrapped around with the ends hanging in the front, it's cool, but not exactly meant for The Palm Beaches, even on it's breeziest days.  I'm taking it back to MA to leave in a box somewhere until we find a new place up there.  As if.

I need a new Netflix series.  There are several I started but ;lost interest in. Usually there is a great first season, OK second season, third season turns me right off, but I figure it HAS to get better again so I hang in there for the fourth. I should have left Damages after the second season because it was a yawn with convoluted characters and situations from then on.  Suggestions?

Let's do a bit of stitching today

Oops.  It's a TATTOO!  Sorry.  But this is an absolute find for me, the only tattoo I'd ever actually do!
If you have a soft spot for cross stitch and tattoos, the work of this artist could well be your new favorite thing. Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk is carving a new niche out for herself in the world of body art. She inks up cute, simple and striking designs for clients who are looking for something a bit different.

HA!  Fooled you again, these aren't stitchery, they are collages with lines drawn over, but don't they look like they have been stitched?  Mary Iverson fills natural and manmade landscapes with colorful shipping containers, objects haphazardly stacked on each other and taking up a majority of the otherwise tranquil scenes. The containers and boxes are cross-hatched with overlaid lines, connecting them a predetermined pattern seemingly known only by the artist.
Iverson explains her work by saying, “My paintings are colorful abstractions that spring from the theme of the industrial shipping terminal. The canvases feature mass accumulations of shipping containers and container cranes in various perspectives. My work employs a network of searching perspective lines and layers of interlocking, colorful planes and rectangles that suggest both deep space and flat surface.”


Janet W said...

Justified, Deadwood, swedish Wallandar, The Bridge, Luther. I like them dark with good character development.

Janet W said...

Oh, and Happy Valley