Saturday, July 04, 2015

deborah orbital prostheses

Don’t point out your mistakes.   Angela Waters

Pooped Protagonist Pursuing Sleep on Pat Pauly's Propane tank.  Now she knows that squirrels sunbathe too.  (Thanks for the picture!)

Yesterday's border, much to go before I go find a propane tank to snooze today!  Notice how small my work space has become-  I can barely jam myself between the machine and the wall.  Lordy, I cannot WAIT to get back to normal again, two more months, give or take.

I got into the to-the-trade carpet store yesterday and found a few things that will work-  mostly concentrating on finding things that will coordinate with the rug I have now (that comes with a white dog holding it to the floor) that will possibly go in the dining room.  
I did find a good candidate here for the living room and also the stairway in the entry.  The problem is that it looked great yesterday in the shop BUT my camera picked up a whole lot of yellow in the 'woven' sample here that I really didn't see-  the real-life sample read as taupes and grays IN THE STORE:
Now I have to revisit and take the sample outside to check.  And of course we have LED ceiling lights so that will probably change it all too.  My 'natural' light inside the house is hardly that-  the thick hurricane windows do change the colors of things too.  This has ceased being fun.  After an hour and a half at the rug store, I still didn't pick bedroom carpet or upstairs carpet.  
(And I thought a black and white house would be a snap to decorate!)

We have a LOG theme happening today. Don't know how this happened!

Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding highlights the naturally occuring cracks in sustainably sourced logs by inserting warm yellow LEDs that illuminate each piece of wood from within. Meerding, who is legally blind, is fascinated by unusual light applications which he refers to as his “alternative sensory world.” Each cracked log lamp can be used as a stool, table, or simply a light accessory, and the pieces are available through a number of shops throughout Australia

Back in the US of A, since it's the 4th weekend, these stumps are at rate and Barrel-  I especially like the charred wood ones.  AND they are on hidden casters so an elderly frail human can move them!  
they come in ash or charred wood
I think maybe these need to be mine.

I left the studio early to come home and make sure my outdoor lights were ordered and my other order from Crate and Barrel will be delivered to the studio, not my house.  Then I was looking for lunch and came across half a little watermelon that has been there a few too many days.  I chopped it up and stuck it in the blender with the juice from a couple of limes I stole from a missing neighbor the other day.  And I just drank half a watermelon-  it was so good I couldn't stop! 
Good thing,  who wants beige art?

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Christine Nielsen said...

I loved the stumps with lighting when I saw them on Colossal but I like the Crate and Barrel ones even more. The black ones would absolutely go in my house. Good thing I live far far away from any stores and would have to pay duty if I ordered.