Thursday, July 02, 2015

modesto diatribe montclair

I have walked this earth for 30 years, and out of gratitude, 
want to leave some souvenir. -- Vincent Van Gogh

Related to yesterday's gray squirrel- the directions are at Craftsy so you can knit a few up this weekend in between grilling and potato salading!

finally I got a full morning in at the studio, but as soon as I sat down at the machine I started working on the rusty piece instead of the Big Slasher.  When I look a break I set up the printer to do a large print, 13" x 19" of a drawing my grandson did of a robot that I think is quite spectacular.  I'm going to appliqué a bit of color on it, maybe embroider a bit so I have something of his to give his mom (after I keep it for a long time!)  So, I did get a lot done today before I had to leave to meet a gal who is helping me pick out things in the trade-only shops.  Today we did rugs and I think I found the one.  TY will, I'm sure, find something wrong with it but I am getting very tired of having every thing I show him nixed.  I know, it's his house, but gheese.  (rhymes with cheese)

So, after a day of accomplishment I'm ready to sit out the night.  I stopped and bought a very expensive chicken to share with the Canine Companions- darn thing was 2X as much as the Public chickens.  Bad me, but I have been living off the fat of the land lately (basically combing the cupboards to try and empty everything out) and felt kinda like a real fresh cooked chicken might give me some protein.  And the dogs some nice crackly skin.  

Wish it would also give me a pint of ice cream.

The creative family behind Cupcakes by SJ has built a wonderful LEGO-themed wedding cake out of tiny fondant LEGO bricks. Their cake also features a team of worker minifigs who are rolling out a final layer of fondant icing over the visible bricks.

The most amazing tattoo I've ever seen!
Tattoo artist Tony Booth did a 3D tattoo that looks like it belongs to a cyborg from the future with its and realistic tile work.  The entire tattoo took 18 months to finish. The client and Tony came up with the concept between them and it grew from an upper arm sleeve to a full sleeve and then it carried on to his hand, shoulder and upper chest.  The stages of producing this tattoo are quite fascinating, too. First Booth blacked out most of the man’s arm and then tattooed over it with lighter ink to get the 3D effect he was looking for.
The tattoo recently won ‘Best Blackwork Tattoo’ at the Tattoo Tea Party convention in Manchester, UK.

I don't know if I'll have a minute to get back t this tomorrow, so whatever you do this weekend, be careful and have a load of fun.  My plan is to work in the studio for the morning and then go out with some friends for a BBQ in the evening.  I won't be staying long, just enough for a beer and a burger or whatever I am given.  
Saturday night I hope I'll see some fireworks but I hate o leave the dogs trembling in their Uggs from the noise-  if I go anywhere it will be a short ride.  I think every neighborhood down here sets off fancy firecrackers, I won't have to far.  The tents have been up for days on the main drag through town.  By tomorrow they will be shoulder to shoulder waiting to grab a sack full.  
no no.  Don't do this!

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