Wednesday, July 01, 2015

derriere curvature spongy

Art when really understood is the province of every human being. 
It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well. 
It is not an outside, extra thing. -- Robert Henri

This guy was sent to me by several watchful friends-  it's from Craftsy and you can get the pattern there.  Tomorrow I'll show different brands of knitted squirrel from the same pattern.  A herd of 'em.

I went to my stitch group today and worked on the knitted project-  I'm using about 30 different colors of leftover yarns and making a winter scarf.  I don't have enough of most colors for the larger areas so I am trying to hold back the bigger balls for the larger sections.  I will probably have to make striped areas when things get low too.   Dogs got groomed today so that took a big chunk of time driving them to and fro.  Maybe tomorrow morning I'll get something done in the studio.  I simply must get this quilt off the wall and sewing done.  I have an appointment at noon, smack in the middle of my work day.  


Organic Dementia
I think I am identifying here, feeling nuts and being pulled in lots of directions. 

In artist Sophia Narrett‘s current solo show at Arts+Leisure, two women meet on the set of The Bachelor and swiftly fall in love — with each other. They run off to have an affair in a bucolic garden, surrounded by lounging naked women, couples and threesomes having sex, and, strangely, Kendrick Lamar. But something goes wrong. Something involving guns. The pair splits, and in the end we are left stranded with our uncertainty in a harsh, wintry cityscape accented by a deep, bloody red. (The show’s title: This Meant Nothing.)
'As I continued working in embroidery I became interested in the repercussions that embroidery holds for the image and story, as well as the way that it dictates the process. As the emotionality of the narratives heightens to that of melodrama, the intense investment in the embroidery process required to create legible images speaks to the overwrought nature of the fantasy. '

Amazing work

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