Friday, July 31, 2015

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Never kick a cow chip on a hot day. Will Rogers

How to really enjoy your morning coffee out on your deck watching the squirrels...

I made it home last night at about 1 AM, the plane ride made extra long by a little kid who completely lost it in the row ahead of me.  Unconsolable screaming, not even crying, just trying to back flip out of his parents arms, thrashing around, and going stiff.  I personally think that they had better visit an exorcist because he went on like that for over an hour, and as much sympathy as I had for the parents, I was really worried for the kid-  he did everything but turn his head all around.  The good part of the trip was that the cab I had arranged with to pick me up was there holding his 'DONABED' sign and my bag was the first one out of the chute.  He was an interesting former science and math teacher so we talked all the way home.  Seems his daughter just bought a condo in Southie in Boston and I think it's one I had gotten notification on just a few days ago!  The description was exactly what was seen to me.  Cute place, but not convenient for us so I didn't look into it.  Funny how circles converge sometimes, isn't it?

I PROMISE I have ended my 2 week whining over packing and moving.  I actually woke up at about 5:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep once the word 'coffee' was mentioned on NPR so I jumped into some clothes, grabbed my keys and took off for the new house to see what got done.  My stupid problem was that it was barely light out yet, so viewing was minimal.  BUT most of the cabinetry skeletons are installed, some items painted like the refrigerator surround and one bank of open shelves.  All the paint is done for a first coat and I do have to say I love, LOVE, LOVE our choices.  My laundry room, a closed off entry from the garage is a gorgeous coral red, but everything else is a couple of shades of gray so some rooms look like they are in shadow, you can't really tell where the colors change.  They have graded the yard and cut into the huge berm to give us bit more space and all in all, it is taking shape finally!  I'll check later today when it's brighter and I can see more.

Now to deal with the 'low tires' light on my car, grab the doggies from their incarceration, and try to get ourselves back to normalish.  A nice rotisserie chicken will go a longways to helping all of us.  Also I have about ten boxes of stuff to open-  it is like Christmas just for me!  (Yeah, I order my own Christmas presents too.)  One of the boxes is my new lamp, named 'Sandy' to match with the same lamp I bought a few years ago when her name was 'Sandra'.  I don't know where they will go yet but it will be fun to find a place.

Enough about lamps named after me, let's explore why the babies in Medieval art are so damn ugly!  Here you go:

And of course I have saved the rest of the Monas for you today too.  Tomorrow we will get up to something more contemporary, I promise.
Dito Von Tease

Jane Perkins

Marcel Duchamp

Rubik by Invader

And wow, does that ever describe me, but I would add also, "never finding something I AM looking for!"  Aint' that always the way?

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Serendipity is my middle name!
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