Tuesday, August 04, 2015

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A finished quilt is always better than a perfect quilt top  Angela Waters

My stitch group has resumed and it is good-  even though there are few numbers, it's great to actually see people who live here year round!  And the lunch thing is back in operation too after being closed a few weeks.  I could only go for 45 minutes until I had a meeting at the house, but they ordered much for me and I got back just as it was being delivered. 

This weekend is the big UpNorth party so members from all over are convening elsewhere rather than coming to Jupiter, SO the remaining few plus the staff of caddies and kitchen workers and administration are arranging a party at the Square Grouper, a bar on the beach, to have our own festivities.  Think sand in your toes, plastic chairs and a very limited menu just to keep the drinkers from falling off the wharf too soon.  This place is very cool, or at least it used to be until the vacationing school teachers decided it was atmospheric and starting showing up in groups of four in their mid price rental cars  Most of the bar people are standees for their evening out, lots of mingling and telling tall tales wearing their native costume of flip-flops and tee shirts with the sleeves cut off   Most resemble characters out of Carl Hiaason's books where the former Florida governor is named Skink after one of the copious lizards skittering about.  This is the kind of place that if your jeans are clean, you're overdressed.

Met at the house today and my cabinets are being installed in the laundry and for the kitchen island.  My sink and microwave boxes are on the floor and I ordered another bank of open shelves-  I'll use this for cookbooks and chatzkes and kitchen related stuff.  I'll keep my collection of oil lamps there and the 150 year old samplers done on paper I was always picking up-  old stuff to fill spaces because I never met an open space I couldn't fill!  My silver ceiling idea met with a thud from the painter so instead he promised high gloss and I'm OK with it, at least until I find silver wallpaper to hang on the ceiling, in my black room-  don't you think I NEED silver?  I do. 

Here's something I don't show very often, PENCIL drawings!  Look closely, you won't believe it:
and they are HUGE

Of course my favorite is the thread!

Lovely black and white photographs of mundane objects… NOPE! Large-scale, mixed media DRAWINGS of mundane objects! What?! This is the pencil & acrylic work of Spanish artist Rómulo Celdrán. Some of these pieces are up to 69″ wide… like those pencil shavings. Oh, those pencil shavings. I cannot even imagine being able to draw like that. Love.

Continuing the theme with another lightbulb, different artists-  remember these are all pencil drawings.  (I'd swear they are photographs!)
Linda Huber

Paul Cadden

Paul Lung

Helen McNicholas

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