Wednesday, August 05, 2015

crandall leer emirate

 Very fuzzy squirrel for real and for bad photography!
Today is my son's birthday-  he is way more than 8 months old like this birdie.

I wasted more hours at the wallpaper store today and firmed up three or four, but am stuck on the loft room.  I have a paper I love to pieces, a vintage print that would cost me over $7000 for ONE ROOM, and it only really has three walls.  No way.  But once I saw the one I love it's so hard to move on.  But I must.

TY and I stopped by this morning to check some measurements and my island cupboards and giant sink are all in and look great.  No top yet, it's being templated today.  Also my laundry room, such as it is, is also installed so I can see how much room there is in there-  basically none, but they had to modify when the washer and dryer need 39" from the wall.  Really screwed up the plan.  Also I have one big wall in there and now I see the cable box, the electric box, an alarm box, two switches and another metal box I have no idea what it's for-  so now I can't put the giant poster there.  How do I hide all these stupid metal panels?  I might have to resort to a full wall curtain!

My daughter would look at me with distain and murmur 'First World Problems'. So I went to TJMaxx and was going to buy two storage jars and shelf liner paper but yelled at myself to put it back and wait.  I did.  Sometimes I am right.

I was planning on hitting the studio at that point but was too hungry and frustrated.  Too many things on my mind and I get tired so easily from dealing with it.

So, instead, lets talk about some cool ceramic art here-  I love the simplified shapes and no-color bodies:

Though Godeleine de Rosamel currently resides in Los Angeles, she is most well known abroad. In her new show, “ Life Forms,” on view at LA's Giant Robot gallery, exhibits work that is every bit as fun and interesting as her illustrations that grace children’s books throughout France and Belgium. The only thing that has changed is the medium; which is why the title is so fitting. Swapping the printed page for sculpture, her ceramics seem to come alive, and Giant Robot is up to the task of showcasing and harnessing this energy.

Using pins, needles, peppercorn, feathers and shells, artist Iris Legendre creates mixed media pieces that alter the photographic images of antique cabinet cards and vintage photos, transorming them into eerie portraits of dead ancestors. "My pieces are about scrutinising family memories, in close-ups." Legendre explains, "I cover old family portraits with with peppercorns, feathers, shells and pins. The created shapes evoke masks, coffins, or ghosts. They suggest a punishment, a tumour that is slowly infiltrating the people and that will never get away. A threat seems to be hanging over them."Works : iris legendre

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