Saturday, August 15, 2015

howard breath nutcrack

 “We often look for underlying meaning of things while the thing itself is the meaning.” Anni Albers

Taking a break from squirrels to introduce you to a job applicant for studio helper.  Her next test will be sweeping up bugs to qualify for the job.  

I must have gotten hit by lightening yesterday because 'things' started going wrong in every aspect of my life, it seems.  I know you don't care, but my oil was almost rancid and gave a weird taste to the corn muffins.  Every tee shirt and knit article I own has tiny holes right front and center-  it puzzled me for a long time until I realized Molly jumps up to greet me every time I come home, and her toenails catch and pull a tiny thread which doesn't show until I wash it.  Got another one in yesterday's wash-  a brand new, worn once green shirt I loved.  I found out my countertops simply haven't been ordered yet, and the lead time is 6-8 weeks-  I am supposed to move in in September and now there is no chance that will happen.  As I was getting the mail today the whole bloody box fell to the ground.  And it won't fit back on the stand.  Finally found an acceptable dotty wallpaper and TY hates it-  I've spent months on this and finally resorted to Spoonflower to design it myself and he hates it...  

I need a vacation, here is the brochure of where I will go and what I will do:

Meet Annie Taylor, the first person (Note the first PERSON, not just the first WOMAN) to ever go over Niagara Falls and live to tell about it.  Here she is with her barrel.  She apparently sent her cat over the falls first and it only had a head wound when they got it out of the barrel so she figured she could do it too.

 She is in front with her team as they row her out to the river where she will get into the barrel for her fast trip.

And out they go pulling her in her barrel to a spot with rapids in the river.  Another note:  She was 61 years old when she did this.  

Rescuing the barrel proved problematic but she emerged with just a few scratches.  With a little help from her friends (note she took off her hat)
 Basically she needed the money for her old age, and thought this might be the way.  Unfortunately any money she made from the stunt or subsequent appearances was stolen by her manager and she died destitute in her 80's. 

She is buried in the 'Stunt' section of a cemetery in Niagara Falls.

And my last picture today I hope one of you pass on to The Donald at your earliest convenience.  Any takers?  
I am thinking Flattop Boogie might be a good choice, not radically different than what he has, but cleaned up and more (ahem) acceptable.  You can tell him I sent ya.  And I have other choice words for him if he ever calls...

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Wonderful post! Thank you so much for sharing. :)