Tuesday, August 18, 2015

aliphatic cloth conjugacy

No Squirrels Today, suck it up.

Yesterday we were despondent over the state of the house. Today I went over this morning at 8:30 to find the place swarming with workers!  The cabinet guys were there, the electricians, the countertop guys (wow, they were two handsome Spanish guys with great shoes and pressed shirts-  NOT the usual bunch that look like they just climbed out of the dumpster.)  They brought me a sample of my new counters, and seemed to think there was NO PROBLEMO getting them to me-  of course not, the installation alone is more then $3000.  I am blown away by prices, mouth hanging open, jaw stuck in the AWE position.)  But they sure were handsome young things.  And sure made me feel old and out of it.  Also the guy came about the remote control screens-  the place was poppin'.  I forced TY into a visit at 5 when I thought the coast would be clear but the cabinet guys were still there fitting drawers and installing cabinet lighting.  This guy is a marvel-  I never know if he understands me at all, he doesn't speak English very well but dammit, every time I tell him something, even in passing, he gets it dead right.  

Which scares me because today he told me I have too many 'colors' in the kitchen.  I have for shades of gray and a touch of black.  Five colors, if they even qualify as colors and not more 'atmosphere' since they mostly look like the fog rolled in or the shadows are deep.

Garage Door Choices-  can you actually see any differences?

This is the color of the stove, give or take-  closest I can get with the BM charts online.  I am carrying around a big hunka hunk of steel wherever I go with the color baked on it so I can be matchy when necessary.  Looks nice with the 'atmosphere' colors.

The island is that fake granite resin stuff that looks like marble but apparently you can butcher pigs on it without damage.  We'll see, won't we?

Today I had an EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY call to the house right out of my stitch group because I had to pick the places for the outlets in the island RIGHT NOW.  Sigh.  I was just leaving that important mission when there was another SEMI EMERGENCY as we tried to figure out how the screens would be attached around the lanai.  And one of the guys grabbed me on the way to my car for an OK on the LED lights he was there to install.  Apparently they don't have to be replaced in MY lifetime, thought they probably would in yours, but they cost lots more money, doesn't everything?  I figure I am saving money by NOT climbing 18' ladders into my 80's to change bulbs.  And I hope this place lasts that long, though it's shorter than I think.

But all good things happen to people who search!  I found a perfect wallpaper at a place in Sweden that makes any size you want with your address and surrounding town~  here's mine and I need to order it except that I don't have any place left to put it!
The funny angle on the right is the Atlantic. my house is pretty close to the middle here.  I can make it long and skinny to just concentrate on the coast or fat to show all the farms west of the Turnpike.  This is spectacular.  I need another wall.  TY suggested the garage  (They also come in colors)

So that's my ketchup 

for today since I haven't been writing lately from lack of energy, as well as lack of work being done in the studio to talk about.  Forgive me, stick around and things WILL return to normal.  The new revised estimate to move in is now early October.  

I promise TWO squirrels tomorrow

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